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Cyber snooping

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Cyber snooping: Most IT managers and corporate internet users are convinced that monitoring and filtering procedures are an absolute necessity. This may not surprise too many people, with the dangers of online porn or race-hate sites widely acknowledged. But corporate attention is now turning away from morality issues and homing in on using internet filters to increase profitability. Companies such as the UK's SurfControl say the most common reason for businesses to use filtering software is to increase productivity of staff. If 1,000 workers each spent an hour a day on the internet, that would cost an average company about $35m a year There are now more than 30 ...read more.


The answer is to install an Internet server appliance that provides a high level of access control. The Web@Work Survey 2001 reveals that British employers are five times more likely to take disciplinary action than Italian employers - and two-and-a-half times more likely to take action than their French or German counterparts. Researchers found that accessing pornography at work was not the only pastime of workers who waste three hours a week accessing the Net for their own pleasure Booking a holiday (52 per cent), pursuing educational interests (42 per cent), researching a hobby (41 per cent), shopping(28 per cent) ...read more.


5 Ways to Keep Employees in Line While They're Online 1. Establish a written Internet Policy that prohibits employees from using company computer assets to visit inappropriate sites, or upload or download objectionable material from the Internet. 2. Clearly communicate the fact that the organization's computer resources are not to be wasted, but are to be used strictly for approved, business purposes. 3. Enforce cyberlanguage and content guidelines designed to keep Net copy clean and clear. 4. Don't leave compliance to chance. Back up your Internet Policy with monitoring and filtering software. 5. Don't expect your employees to train themselves. Reinforce your Internet policy with on-going employee education. Excerpted from The ePolicy Handbook (c)2001, ...read more.

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