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Deconstruction of I, Robot

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Study the film I, robot and deconstruct using the key concepts. Look closely at the character played by Will Smith, how does his blackness impact on the audience's understanding of his role? I, robot is an action sci-fi film which stars Will Smith as Del Spooner. It is a futuristic view of the world and is set in the year 2035. This is a very common genre of film for Will Smith, as he has been in many action/ action sci-fi films such as Independence Day (1996), Men in Black (1997) and Enemy of State (1998). However, more recently, he has branched out into different film genres such as Shark Tale (2004) for which he did the voice over for Oscar and The Pursuit of Happyness (2006) which was a drama. He was born on the 25th September 1968 in Philadelphia. While at school he gained the nickname 'Prince' because of his attitude and knack for getting out of trouble, he later added to this and became the 'Fresh Prince'. Unusually this and the place he was born would later be the basis of an episodic comedy which he starred in called 'The Fresh Prince of Bel-air' (1990) ...read more.


We then see him at work in the office, which shows the audience the two sides of his life. However it also soon becomes clear to the audience that he is suffering from 'survivors guilt' which influences many of his actions. Will Smith's character is a police officer but, just like in Men in Black, he is not a stereotypical one. The stereotypical view of an American police officer is one who is always seen in his uniform, is overweight and is always seen to be drinking coffee and eating doughnuts rather than doing any actual work. However Will Smith's character does not conform to any of these stereotypes. He is also the only policeman who doesn't wear a uniform of some sort. In the whole film his character is a sort of 'black sheep', he is the only one without a uniform, the only one who believes the robots are no good, and even in his house he has a stereo which is controlled using a remote controller rather than voice recognition. The audience can tell this is obviously not normal for this time because when Calvin goes to his house and tries to figure out how to switch it on and off, she can't. ...read more.


In the film the audience do see other police officers but they do not take a real role in the film, so these two men would be the highest ranking out of everyone else in the film. Everyone who is not in authority is white. This film also follows some of the theories such as Todorov and Propp. The state of equilibrium is that they all live happily with robots, which is disrupted when Dr Laninng dies and they find Sonny the robot. The recognition of the disruption is when Sonny is jailed and is suppose to be decommissioned and the attempts to repair the disruption are when Del Spooner, Calvin and Sonny kill Viki. A new equilibrium is reached when all of the robots are sent off to live away from the humans. It is also easy to see Propp's theory in I, Robot. The Hero is Del Spooner, the Villain is Viki, the Donor is Sonny and the Helper is Calvin etc. however interestingly there is no romantic plot which does go against Propp's theory. "I love being black in America, and especially being black in Hollywood." -Will Smith 2 1. http://www.alternatetakes.co.uk/?2005,7,6 2. http://godschildtoday.wordpress.com/2007/01/16/will-smith/ ?? ?? ?? ?? Emily Whitmore 1 ...read more.

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