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Definition of plagiarism/cheating - Britney and Beethoven.

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Ramy Alani ENGL 101 : Section 054 Assignment Definition of plagiarism/cheating Britney and Beethoven Music has served various cultures and generations as a panacea because it is a medium that can amplify any given purpose. The Turkish Druze create music to intensify their prayer, the Native Americans to invoke rain, educators to instill morals into younger generations, and elevator salespersons to heighten the nuisance of elevator rides. In the case of popular music, the goal of financial gain outweighs all other purposes. Popular music classifies as music that is not art and has achieved a certain amount of media and advertising coverage. The knowledge of popular music is attainable through an argument of what makes an object classify as a work of art and understanding that pop is not art. An object must pass two classifications to be considered as art. The object in question must be a creation of the artist and communicate a universal and eternal message to the audience. To classify as not being art, popular music must defy at least one of these classifications. The first classification for an object to classify as art is more objective than the remaining classification. When creating a work, it is fair to say that an artist interjects their ideas, experiences, emotions and thoughts because any work of human creativity is based upon their knowledge. ...read more.


Studying geography in school, reading the ingredients on food products, or listening to the local weather station on the radio is knowledge. All knowledge can be used to help mankind, as well as to harm it. Even knowledge intended for good can be used to harm. Even though the study biology was intended to be beneficial to mankind, it is not always the case. An understanding of bacteria and viruses are applied in numerous ways. It is sometimes used to help the sick through the creation vaccines and medicine to cure the illness. It is also used to harm through the creation biological weapons designed to infect victims with deadly diseases. Similarly, knowledge intended for harm can be used to used for benefit of mankind as well. Understanding of nuclear fission originally led to production of weapons of mass destruction. Destruction was its sole purpose initially. Its concepts were later applied to power plants which supply civilians with electricity. A mathematical proof could further develop math as a discipline, as will as speed calculations. The calculations can make corporations more efficient and lower the cost for consumers. The calculations can also enhance the accuracy of smart bombs, making destruction more efficient. Even military research have civil applications. Knowledge of historical events can enlighten people by expanding their minds. Roman history for example, influences many aspects of daily life, such as art. ...read more.


Knowledge is not a pandora's box, it is directed by the people who use it. People control both new and old knowledge. Any new knowledge is no different than pre-existing knowledge. Each new concept or experience uncovered leads to a decision: good or harmful. Seeking new knowledge opens possibility for further harm, or further benefits. Since knowledge is neutral, good and harmful features of new knowledge should be similar to the proportional to the ratio of benefits to harmful features. If the ratio stays the same, then the amount of harm in respect to benefits (and vice versa) stays constant. The only difference is the amount of options available to do good, or harm. It is still the people who decides how to use knowledge. Only people can be harmful, knowledge itself cannot help anyone nor harm anyone. If someone is harmed, that is the result of a person. It is his will and harmful intent to harm the victim, not the will of knowledge. Since knowledge is neither good nor harmful, and whether the results of the knowledge will be beneficial or harmful is independent of any categories knowledge may lie within, there is no reason to avoid certain categories of knowledge. Every type of knowledge equally has the potential to enhance daily life, and that potential should be allowed to be exploited even at the cost of releasing harmful potentials. All systems of knowledge should be researched and taught because it does not harm, only people harm. Knowledge has will of its own. ...read more.

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