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Depiction of teenagers in magazines

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MEDIA The media is a very powerful way in which one person's view can be shown to millions of people. Writing, film making, art, music and journalism can challenge your views about being part of British society and the roles the people play in it. There's a little Quote I like to add "The media's the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that's power. Because they control the minds of the masses" Introduction Do the media paint a true picture of teenagers? Teenagers are very impressed by actors on the T.V or Pop stars and peer pressure is also huge factor. Adverts shows on the T.V, impress teenagers to buy expensive and design clothes or sport wear or make up for girls. All the teenagers want to look cool, fashion style and try to impress boys or girls. The teenagers come across Media e.g. T.V, Internet, Radio, Magazines, Bill boards and Leaflets and they are shown them by violence, powerful, strength, disrespectful, distracting schools or college, breaking the law, get drunk, get involve in illegal things and most things that they have got lots of confidence. ...read more.


The news reporters or the media suppose Bob Geldof is known for being outspoken. Bob Geldof went tot the media itself to tell his opinion, once he went to BBC programmer Grumpy old men, in this programmed he admitted that he had not banned the magazine from his home but he was still outraged to see their contents. The good things about the magazine are they tell lots of advice s that you don't want to talk to your family about sex. It also has a child helpline with them, so when ever they need help about sex they can ring this child helpline, so they will give good answers to teenagers to understand about sex. The bad things about the magazine are its too sexual information and it's not appropriate for teenagers. It has the words that the teenagers don't want to learn. There's no useful idea or advice for teenagers. They were talking about how to be hot or how to do sex and also they made the teenagers to think about sex. ...read more.


and also its sexually explicit, revealing clothing for the girls, provocative, subservient, very aggressive style of shooting, violence, the way they move, body language, gangster attitudes and confrontational. In the Sketchers adverts there were two sorts of teenagers who were aimed at female and male. When the girls looked at the adverts they would think if we buy these trainers we will feel like the girl on the picture. The girl on the picture looks comfortable, good looking, relaxed and passive. On the other side boy's point of view about the sketchers adverts is totally different from the girl's point of view. When the boys look at the advert they'll think that they'll turn all active, strong, good looking, ready for anything and is control of themselves and other people. The body language is like aggressive, tough and strong and shape body. The body language shows you that they showing off their body and strengths. The stereo types are not all true because not all the boys in the world aren't like that and also it makes you look like you're more active. ...read more.

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