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Describe a memorable character in the text - Billy Elliot.

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Describe a memorable character in the text. Explain how verbal and / or visual features of the text were used to help you remember this character. Billy Elliot was the interesting character in the film "Billy Elliot" directed by Stephen Daldry. Eleven-year-old Billy lives with his father Jacky, older brother Tony, both coal miners, and his frail Nana in a mining town in the north of England. Life is not easy; the miners are on strike and times are tough. In this mining community boys are expected to do tough sports like boxing. Billy tries to fit in the world of his father Jacky and Brother Tony. Billy goes to boxing lessons every week though he is not very good at it and his heart is in Ballet. ...read more.


He shows an uninhibited delight in his body and in the music that inspires him. We see his sensitivity through the treatment of his grandmother. Billy is responsible to take care of her nana. When Billy realizes that his nana is missing he comes out of the back door towards the camera, up to the street, little girl in the blue watches him, he pauses and then a close up of Billy's feet are shown running away from camera. In shrubby area Billy sees her and runs to her. He puts a hand on her shoulder, she turns and is frightened and lost, and Billy takes her hand and leads her pas the camera which stays on a wide shot of trees and shadowy vans and police on the roads above. ...read more.


It was also shown early in the movie when he continues to play piano even his father stops him. The unthinking violence of his father and brother and their narrow minded view of the world make him lie rather than risk confrontation. This was shown in the starting when Tony takes off his earphones, complains that Billy has been playing his records and hits him. Billy denies it - a lie and complains about Tony's smoking dope. The director uses darkness in the same room where Billy was dancing in the opening scene of movie to foreshadow the relationship between Billy and his brother and to also show the darker side of the movie. Billy lies automatically which indicates that he is going to be deceitful over many things to avoid confrontation. 573 words ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

3 star(s)

*** This essay is a bit short so consequently doesn't fully develop the ways in which verbal and visual features of the text help the audience to remember Billy as the main character. However, the visual features are stronger than the verbal - inclusion of dialogue and quotes would have brought the verbal aspects of this analysis alive. Overall, much more attention needs to be paid to detailed technical film language and in depth analysis.

Marked by teacher Nicola Twaites 15/05/2013

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