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Describe The Elements Of Style And Narrative Applied To The Films "Hard Candy" And "Silence Of The Lambs" And How They Cause Emotional Response

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´╗┐JOE MOORCROFT 13G Two elements of two chosen texts and how they cause emotional response My two chosen texts are Hard Candy and Silence of the Lambs. In these films many film techniques and elements are relevant and vital to the construction of emotionally captivating and encouraging sequences. The two main and most important elements are style and narrative. A film element is something used by a media producer or a film company to create a desired emotional response and a desired positioning from the spectator. This process is called mediation and it is the most vital thing to cause emotional responses in films, as it has the ability to portray an ideology onto the audience and captivate those who wish to be targeted, and also expose emotionally, those that are in the line of fire. Film narrative is the depiction in the medium of film of a series of events in cause and effect relationship occurring in time. Loosely speaking film narrative is a story constructed from production and story elements. Story telling in film is dependent on production processes. Production elements of camera, sound, editing, lighting, acting, visual composition (or mis-en-scene: sets, props, costume, make-up), and special effects (such as CGI) combine with story elements of character, setting, plot, cause and effect and create the power behind enforcing an emotional response from audiences and spectators. Every film and media text is a result of many elements coming together in a harmonious and meaningful way. A good film production should be a combination of style, plot, and narration. ...read more.


Lecter knows what you?re thinking and he is always five steps ahead of you. The light-hearted will have an incredibly oppositional reading to such a text, as it challenges the way they view the world, the bubble-wrapped cocoon of a life they live in disintegrates substantially after being pierced with the subject matter of this film. The macro elements of this films content focus around the sadistic elements of the imbalanced human mind. The psychologist within each spectator will have themselves naturally and subconsciously evaluating Hannibal ?The Cannibal? Lecter, and the characters alike as the film progresses. The emotionally piercing features will leave people in a state of confusion as to why the typical narrative of a ?cop drama? has not been followed. The human race has a dark side and this film is the embodiment of that state of mind. The confusion, the pain, the brutality of life, the struggle and most of all the constant fear of death is within this films soul. It is the essence of metaphoric realism. This film captures all darkness and captivates all those who understand it scares and horrifies those who don?t, and most of all, perfectly describes the fragility of the human race and the psyche?s that it is made up of. With my other focus film; Hard Candy, it is another onslaught of positioning transformation and this is very noticeable and important when it comes to emotional response. After three weeks of chatting with the thirty-two year old photographer Jeff Kohlver over the Internet, fourteen year old Hayley Stark meets him in the Nighthawks coffee shop. ...read more.


But the roles reverse as it is Jeff who is being overpowered and made helpless; we now have a lot of high angles of him and voyeuristic cinematography which is combined with low angles of Hayley to show her apparent power over him. The castration scene is effective as it has separate effects on audience on terms of gender. Males watch this scene through gritted teeth and found it incredibly uncomfortable to watch as it's impossible not to imagine yourself in Jeff's position. The disturbing scrapes of the razor as she shaves him and then the squelching as she "cutsâ him was enough to make you nauseous and the effective mixture of tool shots and shots from Hayley's point of view and Jeff's face makes you feel trapped. Castration is one of the worst themes ever to think of and the unexplainable pain that it inevitably brings. Many see castration as literally losing your status as a man, obviously in technical terms this isn't true but in many people's opinions and in society it is true. So, by having Hayley "castrateâ Jeff, she is taking away his pride as a man and effectively ending his days as a paedophile- highlighted by a euphemism she states as “-preventative maintenance”. Audiences will almost definitely share her motives but find it uncomfortable to watch. In conclusion it is clear to see that narrative is driven by style to create an emotional response, and when this is applied to films of control and noticeable agency it adds an even more captivating and bold effect that leaves an audience craving more and more. Joe Moorcroft 13G FILM STUDIES A2 ...read more.

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