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Describe the ways in which different TV fictional narratives appeal to their audiences. Refer to specific examples in your answer.

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Liam Barker Media Studies Describe the ways in which different TV fictional narratives appeal to their audiences. Refer to specific examples in your answer. I am going to focus on different types of sitcoms and refer to examples. Firstly I will gather some background research from the internet - www.aber.ac.uk/media - then describe how different fictional narratives appeal to their audiences. I am also going to look at a soap and also one example of a programme which can be argued that it is a sitcom or a soap. There are three distinct types of sitcom: actcom for the action comedy, domcom for the domestic comedy, and dramedy for the dramatic comedy. A very good example of an actcom is a very popular classic sitcom, "Only Fools & Horses". This is a great comedy that appeals mainly to men and is considered a masculine orientated genre. This is because there is only one major 'hero' and this sitcom lacks romance and mainly features action and it identifiably relates to a typical man. It is referred to as a sitcom as there is no continuous storyline - each episode is on a different theme with a different storyline. Even though this is the case, each episode still relates to one thing, which is making money. Although, sitcoms are usually filmed in a small number of locations, "Only Fools & Horses" is an exception to this theory as there are lots of different location shots. ...read more.


These characteristics appeal as this the type of role they have in work-based events and also at home. This increases the comedy. Television soap operas are long-running serials concerned with everyday life. A good example of a soap opera is Eastenders. It is a BBC production and shown around 3-4 times a week. It is watched by a little under a third of the British population, by more women than men, and more by those in lower socio-economic groups. This idea of women watching more soaps is because women are attracted to programmes with lots of dialogue and not much action. The soap resists narrative closure which allows females to predict the likely outcomes and gossip with each other. There is not one major hero as everybody is equal and over a long period of time each character is subjected to being involved in a main storyline or plot. The fact there is not one hero and not much action also puts the men off watching soaps. This also proves soaps are female orientated genres. The characters tend to be mainly working class. In addition to women, young characters and men are given strong roles, so that the potential audience is wide, but whether this true can be argued. It features realism as it is about everyday life like most soaps. It is regarded as a 'real slice of life'. ...read more.


Also there is a lot of romance and personal relationships occurring. Although the whole story is about the football team being successful, the majority of the events during each game are more suitable for female viewers. With this in mind I would say the viewers are of equal sex. Dream team is very appealing to a wide variety of audiences as it features 50% sitcom and 50% soap. It has main features of both types of narrative. Sitcom * Possesses about the same number of viewers as a sitcom, which is slightly less than a soap. * It has a structured plot and editing is obvious especially when it shows a football match being played. * Shows signs of grotesque which soaps would not get away with. * Only shown once a week. Soap * It has an ongoing storyline from each episode. * Has a lot of events that appeal to women and would be seen mainly in a soap opera. * Not particulary humorous just like the majority of soaps. Therefore it is clear to see that Dream Team has features of both a sitcom and a soap. This also intimates that the audience is of different sex. It is available to see why different sorts of viewers would be attracted by the events that occur that would appeal to different people. Dream Team has featured pregnancies, prostitution, marriages, attempted suicide, drug problems, alcoholics, marital bust-ups, mental breakdown, disappearances, muggings, road accidents and suspected murders as well as a lot of football related issues. ...read more.

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