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Design a new magazine aimed at teenage boys

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MEDIA STUDIES COURSEWORK I was briefed to design a new magazine aimed at teenage boys, as they are a notoriously hard group to target. They have a disposable income and so are very appealing to advertisers combine this with the fact that they are a seemingly impossible group to widely reach to they are a golden fleece to advertisers. There are very few magazines aimed exclusively at the teenage boys age group, as they do not buy general interest magazines, and are more likely to just buy magazines about their hobbies like bikes, movies etc. Recently 2 magazines, Nuts and Zoo, have been launched targeting the teenage boys audience and have done quite well. I decided to research Nuts before I designed my own magazine. Nuts was launched in 2004 and since then has built up quite a large readership for a weekly magazine. ...read more.


I went through several options, but eventually decided upon BVN, a name which is easy to remember, but isn't clich�d like Nugget or Locked. For a cover story I decided to go with an interview with Kristanna Loken, a sexy Hollywood actress with enough fame to get attention, but not so big as to object to photo shoots that would appeal to my target audience. After deciding on these too aspects of my cover, I designed my tagline which ran at the bottom of the page, saying BVN:SPORT:BVN:GIRLS:BVN:CARS:BVN:JUNK, which summed up the content of my magazine and also subconsciously associate BVN with all of those popular subjects in my audiences mind. Also on my front cover I had some snippets of my inside stories, with big, bold and bright letters to highlight them and get the audiences attention. ...read more.


It fits in with the current market quite well, as teenage boys are becoming more aspirational and wanting to know more about their idols, and my magazine addresses that where as many others like Zoo do not. I feel that BVN would not have that many competitors, as there aren't many magazines in the market aimed at teenage boys the way BVN is, apart from Nuts and Zoo, and I feel that anyone who is not reading them by now won't ever. Also they are very repetitive so there will be many teenagers looking for a new magazine that will come at things in a different way. This would be how I would market my magazine, instead of just putting it forth on its own merits, I would attack the weaknesses of BVN's competitors, allowing me to build BVN up while tearing Nuts down. I feel if handled properly my magazine could get a very high readership after the first quarter. ...read more.

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