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Design Section – Gcse Ict Coursework Two – Database Project AndrÉ Skepple-Garraway – Candidate No.

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Design Section - GCSE ICT Coursework Two - Database Project Andr� Skepple-Garraway - Candidate No. 8218 1st April 2002 Form Designs Members Information Design and Field Definitions Table Field Name Data Type Field Size Validation Description Customer ID Text 7 Input mask: LL00\0900 Members chosen ID number Surname 20 -- Members Surname (Alphabetic order) Forename 50 Members Forename Telephone 13 Input mask: 0\ 20\-0000\-0000 Member's telephone number Gender 1 Input mask: L "M" or "F" Member's gender (M or F) Date Joined Date/Time -- Default value:=Date() Date Member joined. For a new member has today's date (=Date()) Date of Birth -- Member's Date of Birth Address Text 50 Member's address Post Code 8 Input mask: La09\ 0LL Member's post code Town 20 -- Member's town Borough Member's borough Video Information Design and Field Definitions Field Name Data Type Field Size Validation Description ID Number Text 12 Input mask: L\-000\-0000\-L Video's ID number given by the store for easy search and classification. ...read more.


Member Information Customer ID -- Yes -- Video Rental Information Video ID -- Video Name -- Loan ID -- Cost of Rental -- Issue Date -- Returned "No" No -- Date Due -- Yes Date Due: [Issue Date]+2 Days Overdue -- Days Overdue: DateDiff("d",[Date Due],Date()) Overdue Cost -- Overdue cost: [Days Overdue]*[Cost of rental] Date of Birth Form Design and Query Design Table Description Table Name Field Name Search Criteria Automatically searches for members born after 1st January 1980 Member Information Customer ID -- Surname Forename Date of Birth >#01/01/1980# Video Rental Information Form Design and Field Definitions Table Field name Data type Field size Validation Description Video ID Text 12 Input mask: L\-000\-0000\-L The video's ID number given by the store Video Name 50 -- The video's title VHS or DVD 3 Input mask: LLL The video's format Loan ID 5 Input mask: LL000 The ID number of the loan according to the member and video and kept as reference of issues. ...read more.


Overdue Rentals Entity Relationships Final Form Designs Main Menu Rentals Menu Membership Menu Member Information Video Database 1980's Club Rental Information Overdue Rentals Test Plan Designs User Requirement How It will be tested Members details be able to update easily System testing - allow users to edit database Show the price of rentals and can automatically update and indicate staff when video is overdue on the day and every other day System testing - allow users to access Overdue Rentals form. Staff can easily search to find member information for overdue video rentals and the member's information. Able to print hard copies for manual backup System testing - allow users to print records and reports Can be saved and stored for backup System testing - work through forms and save databases System Flowchart - Entering new members Renting a video Entering new video's Overdue Video's ...read more.

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