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Designing aquestionnaire

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Designing a questionnaire I am going to look at information about the types of questions in a questionnaire and look at some of the types of answers eg, multi-choice. I will conduct my research by looking on the Internet and looking examples of original questionnaires. Below is a sample of a questionnaire that I found on the Internet. I went onto a collage website and found a questionnaire that is available for students to fill in. it has many different types of questions and different way of answering them. Most of the questions just have answer tick boxes but some had 'select from list' e.t.c The answer boxes are customisable scales, bad good, and 1-5. ...read more.


Rank order (select first choice, second choice) . Horizontal scale/vertical scale . Optional questions/ forced questions. . Randomisations of questions and answers. . Tick boxes. . complete branching. .radio buttons Example of a Multiple Choice Radio Button question... First Choice Second Choice Other (Optional) This is an example of Multiple Choice select from a list... Above is an example of an multi choice radio button question that I got off the internet, I think again this is a quick and easy type of answering as it is quick and easy and would not put people off by thinking they have to spend a lot of time writing, as all they have to do is to tick boxes. ...read more.


After looking at my research and all of the different types of layouts for questions on a questionnaire I have decided to try and incorporate some of them into my own, giving my questionnaire a variety of questions. I have decided to design a questionnaire for hairdressers about to open in the area. The main objectives of it are to see whether people think there is need for new hairdressers and whether they would use it. I will develop my questionnaire in draft each time editing and improving them. Questions I will need to include in my 1st draft are- . Name.......................... . How often use hairdressers . How much usually pay . Interested in other things available in new hairdressers. . Need another hairdressers? . Use new hairdressers? . When would you want to see it open? ...read more.

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