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"Diary of a hugger" analysis

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"Diary Of A Hugger" Analysis Before shooting my documentary, I carried out some research on the typical conventions that they usually use. This was a challenge as each documentary in its own right has set out to create a different effect on its audience, and within that, each audience is different according to the documentary. Despite this, I found that documentaries always create a relationship between themselves and the audience, and make sure that their audience establish an opinion relating to the topic. For my filming coursework I decided to make the first three minutes of a "diary" style documentary. The main concept was surrounding a Free Hug Campaign and the events leading up to it in the form of a diary, so using a handheld camera was appropriate as it created an authentic and personal feel to the documentary. Although the shots were set up, they had to appear to be spontaneous moments of filming and merely a record of the events that were taking place. ...read more.


This way the audience get two different views, and it appears to be unbiased. A talking head shot was appropriate for this, as the attention is on the speaker and their opinions can be put across clearly. I found this to be effective in the three-minute documentary "Smoking Day Zero", as it was one speaker throughout. Each interview was also filmed within the house which was in the first establishing shot, I thought this would add to the idea of these being normal people in natural surroundings, and not previously set up at all. For example, the second interview is filmed in the kitchen, and the first on a couch. At the beginning of the documentary, I have included some "found footage" in the form of some photos of the original free hug campaign, and ones that have followed after it to show the large impact that its already had on the world, and the 80 countries its been in. There is a famous video of clips from the original campaign, which is quite well known around the Internet, so by including some intertextuality, the audience may already recognise the campaign and images included. ...read more.


With more advanced equipment I would have been able to concentrate more on lighting, and making sure that each shot was clear and the lighting was directed on to the subject. I would have like to use a microphone as well to aid the narrative. As well as this, if the piece was able to be longer, I would have liked to go on to have the free hug campaign take place, and film the results of it and peoples reactions. Overall the documentary fulfils its purpose, and together with the camera angles and the narrative the effect on the audience is successful. I am happy with the outcome of my documentary, however I would have like to be able to make it longer, with more of an emphasis on the general publics point of views towards such a campaign that involves spontaneous human contact so that the audience can establish more of a relationship with the documentary. I feel that the "diary" style worked well, and that because of this, there was able to be a personal feel that the audience could identify with. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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