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Digital Imaging

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Digital Imaging Digital imaging is a process in which electronic photographs, scanned documents or an image are converted into many electronic dots, which are known as 'pixels'. Digital imaging is used often in photojournalism because photojournalists edit the photos they have to get a better story, and this process of editing the pictures is called digital imaging. Photojournalists often combine two or more images together to make one image that tells a big and exciting story, but more often than not, the story is false. Below are two examples of digital imaging: Brian Walski was a photojournalist for the LA Times newspaper from 1998 to April 1st 2003. ...read more.


He lost his job because a photograph of a British soldier directing Iraqi civilians to take cover from Iraqi fire on the border of Basra was published in The LA Times; and it was noticed by many that a number of civilians in the background of the photo appear numerously. The photographer Brian Walski was contacted by phone, where he admitted that he had used his computer to merge bits and pieces of two photographs, which he had taken moments apart, in order to develop the composition of the final photo. He lost his job because this was against The Times' policy. ...read more.


I think some digital imaging is fine. For example, I feel making some look a little better if they're going to appear in a magazine is okay, but I completely disagree with digital imaging that is used to give off a story all over the world that isn't true, especially on such a big issue, such as, in this case, the current war taking place. I think there should definitely be boundaries put in place with the use of digital imaging in the media, because it is used far too much in the wrong context. I think digital imaging that it used to someone's hair look a little better is fine, but to compare two separate images to make a better story, I feel is utterly and completely wrong. ...read more.

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