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Discuss examples of successful campaigns produced by big advertising agencies.

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CPP - P3 When it comes to advertising, a small business is more likely to it in house due mainly to the fact that it is very expensive to get an advertising company to do it for you. Where as a small company does not the luxury of having a large advertising budget, they need to do it by the most effective means possible. Three examples of successful campaigns produced by big advertising agencies are: * The Marks & Spencer's "Magic & Sparkle" Christmas Adverts which were made by a firm called Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe. It was run up to and including Christmas Eve. These adverts put M&S back on the map for food and clothing, boosting their sales tremendously. The adverts include many famous celebrities including Twiggy and Shirley Bassey, all who reportedly got paid �100,000 and above. * Halifax pioneered an innovative approach to bank adverts in 2000, when it allowed its staff to star in adverts, singing popular songs with the words changed to reflect financial services products. ...read more.


* TV Guides often have a lot of space at the back filled with more information about Television programs so products / services can be linked in with this. * Carry adverts for a broad range of products / services * Low cost per thousand, it becomes a lot cheaper when you are making many thousand copies * Business publications given free to company executives * Kept for a reasonable amount of time, as they do not perish and are harder wearing than a newspaper etc. * The amount of magazines that people often browse at when sitting in waiting rooms. * There is no sound or movement. * You have to book and produce a month in advance. * Many have many pages of adverts so that they could get missed. Posters * Must be clear and quick to the point.. * Relatively cheap to produce and make. * Can be seen again and again. * Can be placed near the shop where the product / service is currently on offer. ...read more.


* Campaigns can be local or national as all of the adverts can be edited onto the beginning of films by the cinema itself. * Book / soundtrack commercials are very effective too advertise for the film at the beginning as they are about to watch the film and may be interested. * Audiences often will chat through the adverts. TV * Hundreds of thousands of people watch TV every day so there is an enormous market to show the product / service to. * Vivid colour and sound though a television, giving the viewer a good visual representation of the product / service. * BBC channels do not have advertisements in them so that will cut down the number of viewers. * There are many channels on Sky that are becoming very specific to certain interests etc, so you are able to advertise to the right audience. * Many people either turn over when the adverts come on, or more recently with the creation of Sky+ etc you can simply fast forward them and skip them completely. ...read more.

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