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Ellen Silvey DISCUSS THE DIFFERENT METHODS BLISS MAGAZINE USES TO TARGET ITS AUDIENCE AND EVALUATE THEIR EFFECTIVENESS Bliss magazine has a number of different methods which they use to target their audience. Their target audiences are girls aged from ten to fourteen years old. This target audience is generally interested in hairstyles, make-up, fashion tips, and other aspects of how they look. They are also interested in famous people, and in trying to act older than they are, and be 'cool'. They generally like pop music, and enjoy playing on their mobile telephones. They also enjoy the thought of boyfriends This means that the ideal magazine that these people would want to read will include all of these things, and will have to present it in a way which is easily accessible to all levels of the target audience. They will have to make every aspect of the magazine suitable for the target audience in ways which are quite subtle, so that the readers do not feel in any way patronised. This essay will deal with some of the main ways in which Bliss magazine targets its audience, and how successful they are in doing this. The first aspect of the magazine that targets the audience is the front cover. There are several major features on the cover; the main feature is the model. The other features are the colours of the cover, the lettering and shapes that are used, the title, and the language that is used on the front cover. ...read more.


The price is also very small at the bottom of the cover to distract the reader from knowing the price until they reach the counter to pay for the magazine. On the second page of the magazine is a letter to the readers from the editor. This is also used to target the audience. The team at bliss uses a number of methods to do this. The letter is the first thing you see when you open the magazine. The letter contains a lot of teenage words, and slang, such as 'ain't' 'whopping' 'bod' celebs' 'faddy' and 'clobber'. When they first open the magazine, the readers will want to see a summary of what the magazine will Ellen Silvey Be like for them all the way through. By using slang, and teenage words in the editor's letter the readers will think that the magazine will be like this all the way through. They think that the magazine is written from their point of view, and is not too complicated. The editor's letter uses simple sentences and not very many long words. There is a lot of white space in the background, which makes it easy to read. It also covers issues that the target audiences are concerned about. It talks about body shapes, and how everyone should be happy with their 'bod' and it also talks about clothes ('clobber') and celebrities (Trinny and Susannah). The way she addresses the readers sounds like she is talking to old friends, not to teenagers that she has never met before and probably never will. ...read more.


I think that the most successful method of targeting the audience is to have older girls than the target audience featuring throughout the magazine. It is quite a subtle method, and makes the readers feel like they know how they are going to grow up.It increases the age range found in the magazine, and generally increases it to try and turn it into less of a 'little girl's' magazine, because if there were twelve year old girls featuring frequently throughout, then it would not be very interesting for the twelve and thirteen year olds to read about people their own age. If all he people in the magazine are older, then it is enjoyable for all of the target age group. The least successful method I think is using teenage style language and slang. When I read teenage magazines when I was eleven or twelve, I found this patronising and annoying, and so did many of my friends. Overall, I think that Bliss has done a good job of targeting its audience, it has been quite discreet, and it seems to have made the magazine just perfect for those readers of the right ages to be targeted. However, I think if it targets its audience anymore it will become patronising, and will be too much for the readers, and they will move on to a different magazine, aimed at older people. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 1 ...read more.

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