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Discuss the importance of the notion of "involvement" for the purpose of designing a marketing communication campaign.

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University of Canberra Marketing Communication Theory M Assessment 2: Major Essay 4. Discuss the importance of the notion of "involvement" for the purpose of designing a marketing communication campaign. Submit to: Professor Jonathan Wills Submitted by: Rachel, Lo Wai Kwan Student I.D.: u3003202 In the essay, I am going to discuss how important the involvement of target audience of a message is in designing marketing communication campaign. To have intensive discussion, I am going to state the meaning of marketing communication and involvement at first. Then literature reviews on this topic will be presented. After that, different points of view on the importance of the notion of involvement for designing marketing communication campaign will be discussed and some case studies will be provided. Lastly, a conclusion will be made. Marketing communication is a new developed topic thus there are many different definitions from different scholars. Nevertheless, marketing communication emphasizes promotion that is one of the elements of the marketing mix-product, price, place and promotion. Marketing communication includes all promotional tools and other promotional activities. There are five main functions: direct marketing, advertising, public relations, sales promotion and personal selling. According to Delozier 1976 in Fill 2002, marketing Communication is "The process of presenting an integrated set of stimuli to a market with the intent of evoking a desired set of responses with that market set and setting up channels to receive, interpret and act upon messages from the market for the purposes of modifying present company messages and identifying new communication opportunities." The "integrated set of stimuli" is talking about the integrated marketing communication which means coordinating all promotional elements to communicate with target audiences to send a coherent theme and topic in turn to get an effective marketing communication. Besides, the definition also introduced that there are feedback from the target audience so two way communication. On the other hand, Fill 2002 stated, "It also fails to recognize that it is the context within which marketing communications flow that impacts upon the meaning and interpretation given to such message." ...read more.


thus the marketing communication program should be able to be a reminder for the consumers and make sure that consumers can recall a particular brand when they need to buy a particular product category. For example: 3 in 1 coffee, you may think about Nestle or Coke, then you think about Coco-cola. The latest strategy is self-satisfaction which is for the low involvement / feeling products, such as cigarettes and cigars. As consumers of such products do particularly enjoy sensory excitement or pleasure, they are under do-feel-learn model. To communicate with the consumers effectively, marketers should emphasize the sensory satisfaction with such products in order to induce the imagination of good experience with the products from customers. Besides, appropriate media for the strategy are billboard, newspapers and point of sale through which the attention of consumers will be drawn. Once consumers are aware of a particular brand of candy, they will go through the information process quickly and then make the purchase decision to purchase from the brand as the consumers will have low involvement in information search and time for making decision and interpretation of message. Although the FCB model has a significant contribution to depict different marketing communication strategies with various level of involvement from a decided target audience to a particular type of product or service, Rossiter et al. (1991), disagreed some underpinnings of the FCB model. Rossiter claimed that the FCB grid cannot explain "the situations where a person moves from high to low involvement and then back to high, perhaps on a temporary basis, when a new variant is introduced in the market." (Fill, 2002) Rossiter et al. thought that involvement is the level of perceived risk present at the purchase time period. The degree of familiarity the purchasers have at the purchase time period is an important component for involvement. Besides, Rossiter identified that the brand awareness is needed to be built into such grid (Figure 4) ...read more.


The price, package and other promotional efforts can stimulate the consumers to buy and try the products. After trial, the attitude of the consumers toward the products is formed. If the attitude is positive, there will be long-run behaviour. However, promotional messages are needed to be continued and repeated in order to maintain the loyalty and awareness of the consumers toward the product of a particular brand. To sum up, involvement is a theory about people's interpretation of the way in which information is processing and the way in which consumers make decision of purchase. It is mainly instituted that there are two main kinds of involvement: high and low involvement. Consumers with different involvement will carry out different information process and decision-making process. Therefore marketers are required to recognize the degree of involvement of their target groups and then formulate different promotional tactics, as discussed before, to influence the decision of purchase and long run loyalty of target groups towards their brand. Hence involvement plays an important role in strategy of marketing communication program. Reference List 1. John Penhallurick 2002, "Study Guild, Marketing Communication Theory M", University of Canberra, 2002 2. Chestnutt, RW 1980, "Persuasive effects in marketing: consumer information processing research", in MI, Roloff & GR, Miller, eds, Persuasion: new directions in theory and research, Sage, Beverly Hills, pp. 267-283. 3. Belch and Belch, 2004, Chapter 5, "Advertising and Promotion, An Integrated Marketing Communications Perspective", International Edition 4. Chris Fill, 2002, Chapter 1, 4, 12 & 21 "Marketing Communications Contexts, Strategies and Applications", 3rd Edition, Prentice Hall Financial Times 5. Judith L. Zaichkowsky, "Conceptualizing Involvement", Journal of Advertising 15, no. 2 (1986), pp.4-14. 6. Schiffman, L. and Kanuk, L. (1991) Consumer Behavior. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice Hall 7. Richard Vaughn, "How Advertising Works: A Planning Model" Journal of Advertising Research 20, no.5 (October 1980) 8. Richard Vaughn, "How Advertising Works: A Planning Model Revisited" Journal of Advertising Research 26, no.1 (February/ March 1986) 9. Rossiter, J.R. and Percy, L. (1997) Advertising, Communications and Promotion Management, 2nd Edition. New York: McGraw-Hill ...read more.

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