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Discuss the success of the Magazine Industry

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Discuss the success of the Magazine Industry It is undeniable that the Magazine Industry has undergone extensive changes within the past century, some which can be attributed to its success and some which can account for instances of failure. Whether it is loyalty to long-established magazine titles or its exploitation of popular culture, the industry is constantly evolving to meet the demands of its environment in order to stay afloat. Firstly, whilst the first magazines such as 'The Spectator' focused extensively on educational content for men, a drastic technological change has affected the format of all magazines on the market today. Colour photography has been the catalyst for these essay-filled booklets to become the high-resolution glossies on the shelves today, which ultimately has transformed magazines to focus on image rather than content. The February 2008 issue of 'Vogue' features Sasha Piviovarova clad in a delicate silk dress, seeming to be aesthetically flawless. Katz suggests that the relationship between the audience and lifestyle magazines such as this is 'complex and intimate', offering a ranges of 'Uses and Gratifications' to the reader. To experience the beautiful - and to find models to imitate, are two prominent uses and gratifications the readers of Vogue may relate to especially. As one of the longest running women's glamour and lifestyle magazine, Vogue must be achieving ample success through this extensive use of imagery - but how long for? ...read more.


This also works to create synthetic personalisation between the magazine and the reader, and they may almost feel obligated to buy the magazine after this friendly approach, which further suggests the 'hypodermic' influence on readers. Additionally, many magazines that have synergised with other forms of media have utilised the technique of intertextuality. NME.com will always feature a "In the magazine this week" section to lure readers into the material available only in the magazine, and to mirror this, many issues (including January 2008's) will have a small "on NME.com this week" section. This furthers the NME brand as something 'more than a magazine', and as of November 2007, they have also launched their own digital TV channel, an expansion already pursued by Kerrang! They also host their own 'Shockwave NME Awards' which is another example of the brand becoming bigger and more successful, thus creating more revenue for the publisher, IPC. On the flipside, however, the apparent necessity for even leading magazines such as these to branch into other forms of media suggests that the Magazine Industry alone cannot find success simply through the magazine format. Many titles offer an online version of their magazine, with articles and adverts, such as Glamour Magazine, at glamourmagazine.co.uk. They offer many features already present in the physical magazine, such as daily gossip, fashion tips, and competitions. The rapid migration of society's younger generations onto more technological mediums like the Internet poses a possible risk to the glossy paper formats of current magazines. ...read more.


This shows a distinct change within society, which the Magazine Industry has not allowed to go unnoticed. Finally, the use of advertising has contributed to the success of many magazines. The November 2007 issue of Red actually lent over half of its content to advertising, all for products such as middle-ranged perfume products, clothing and other things that would appeal to its target audience. This abundant use of advertising ensures a large amount of revenue for the Magazine Industry, though the increasing amount of adverts is worrying in that it suggests that the amount of revenue gained from the magazine itself may be lessening, which further suggests that the popularity of such magazines is falling. In conclusion, the Magazine Industry has remained successful throughout its emergence in the Nineteenth Century, and has strived to adapt to many social and technological changes over the years. Media such as the Internet and television have threatened to replace the Industry, which may eventually wipe it out completely if the magazines do not adapt to meet these changes - perhaps manifesting themselves as 'subscription only' e-zines. Although this is entirely possible, the Magazine Industry may not be able to match its success that it has reached at its peak, as paying for such a service online is hardly as convenient as it is over the counter. Alternatively, magazines such as The People's Friend have remained successful without the need to synergise with other forms of media, and give evidence towards the continuing success of the Industry. ...read more.

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