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Discuss the ways that the director, Jan de Bont, creates a sense of danger and excitement in the final struggle between Jack Tavern (Keanu Reeves) and Howard Payne (Dennis Hopper).

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Discuss the ways that the director, Jan de Bont, creates a sense of danger and excitement in the final struggle between Jack Tavern (Keanu Reeves) and Howard Payne (Dennis Hopper). The film speed was released in 1994. It was directed by Jan de Bont. The film is titled speed for a good reason, the film never lets up in its suspense. The stars in the film are Keanu Reeves who played the part of Jack Tavern who is the hero in the film. Dennis Hopper plays the role of a nasty villain called Howard Payne. The genre of speed is action and adventure and in such films, the things we expect to see are explosions, suspense and tension, combat, car chases, jeopardy, guns, acceleration, love interest, special effects, technology and the sense that a good person is going to overcome an evil person. All of these features are found in speed. The scene which I am going to focus on is the final struggle between Jack Tavern and Howard Payne. ...read more.


The uncontrollable movements and the sense of claustrophobia are created by the way the train moves and it makes the audience have a feeling that someone is going to fall from the roof of the train. The use of colour is also important in this scene because colour adds to the tension. Colour is also used as a hint of danger for example the colour 'red' is used to reflect danger in the scene like the red lights on the ceilings, the gleam of lights, the red light on the bomb detonator and the red light on the alarm bell-( a hint to the danger that was going to happen. Other colours used in the scene are black for example Payne's uniform and the darkness of the tunnel reflects the sense of the wickedness from Payne. White is the colour used to reflect Taverns role as the hero. Other colours like grey and metals are used to reflect that the scene the scene was an industrial setting . ...read more.


Sound track also contributes to the atmosphere of the film because what we hear fulfils what we see. Sound is divided into two: Diegetic and Non-diegetic sounds. Diegetic sound is any sound that exists within the creation of the film. Examples of diegetic sounds in the film are Gunshots, sound of fighting, sound of the train and dialogue. Non-diegetic sound is any sound that has been added to the film during the editing of the film. An example of non-diegetic sound from the film is the background music. This also adds to the tension of the scene because it is fast paced and the background music also builds on the intensity and the audience expect something to happen. I have found the scene very effective because of the way tension is created in the scene by the colours, the settings, sounds used and background music. The end of is very effective because what I predicted happened at the end and all the things that I expected to see in the film were there. The film is taut and suspenseful, with excellent effects and gripping suspense that keeps you riveted. Josephine Odulaja. 10o. ...read more.

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