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Do Violent computer games make us violent?

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Do Violent computer games make us violent? The huge influence media productions have on their audience is unquestionable. The use of quirky television advertisement to persuade the public to purchase a particular product ahead of other similar brands is a tried and tested method used by manufactures. The millions of pounds spent on a major celebrity endorsing their franchise is a risk that companies are willing to take. Newspaper's campaigns aimed to manipulate their reader's opinions on world issues, political campaigns and even the winner of a reality television show have been successful for many years and are another way of swaying the public's views. But could a video game really influence a human being into committing crime or even murder? . In 1993 Jamie Bulgar, a three year old boy from Liverpool was abducted from a shopping mall by two 10 year old boys. Jamie was taken over two miles away from the mall, being heavily tortured on the way. ...read more.


There is a belief that as a consequence, this may lead to people imitating or rein acting a violent scene. There are several different cases to support this theory: In 1982 an American, John Hinkley JR, shot President Ronald Regan in an attempt to impress actress Jodie foster when he became obsessed by her after seeing her in the film "Taxi Driver". In the film, Foster plays a young prostitute who is rescued by a man that plans to murder a presidential candidate. Hinkley harassed Foster and told her he would come to rescue her as she had been in the film. In 1978 Michael Ryan went on a killing rampage through a small town on Hungerford, shooting 13 people. Ryan was dressed on military uniform, although there was no conclusive evidence, it was suggested that Ryan had been inspired by Sylvester Stallones' character in the film "Rambo". ...read more.


Documentaries, soaps and dramas can also help reinforce a viewer's identity. Viewers experiencing difficulties in their lives may find it comforting or supportive if the topic concerning them is raised publicly. Video games can be played on several types of platforms: home consoles used with TV sets, computers, and computers with access to the Internet, coin-operated arcade machines, and handheld devices including games systems and mobile phones. In the past these electronically products were not available highlighting the fact that they have become developed and more poplar. There are a number of video games on the current market that have been campaigned against for causing an in fluctuation in crimes committed and in sighting violence. "Grand Theft Auto" and "Carmageddon" were accused of glamorising crime and subsequently blamed for causing in increase in road rage, car jacking and armed robbery. "Tekken" and "Mortal Combat" were heavily criticized for their trademark "Finishing Moves" which involved characters being decapitated, mutilated and tortured. In all these games, the players were rewarded for their sever brutality with bonus points ...read more.

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