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Does listening to music while studying help you to concentrate.

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Statistics Intermediate tier 2003-2004 Action plan My coursework based around the following question "does listening to music while studying help you to concentrate" will include the following: > Summary > Introduction > Hypothesis > Questionnaire > Results > Analysis of results- using tables and charts to help me > Proving my hypothesis > Conclusions Introduction Does listening to music while studying help you to concentrate? This is a very debate-able issue. Some of the smartest people I know (friends) do not listen to music while studying yet when I generally ask around a lot of people say that they do listen to music while studying and it does help them to concentrate. Do they just assume this? Or is it actually true? I have chosen to do my coursework based on this topic and by doing research and analysis I hope to end up with a set of answers telling me weather it helps students to concentrate or not. I will use statistics to get me threw as which includes methods such as mean, median, mode, etc. When dealing with statistics I will have to include a number of graphs, tables, etc. ...read more.


5 - 8 9 - 12 13 - 16 17 - 20 21 - 24 25+ 6 13 14 11 4 2 The table above contains all the results to all the questions. Notice on the fifth question the frequency of people reach above 50; this is because most people wanted to choose more then one style of music. When it came to the question on average marks people once again wanted to choose more then one mark but this would cause confusion when analyzing so I kindly requested that they only choose one. Over the next few pages you will see a number of different graphs representing the above questions. The purpose of these graphs is so that I can easily compare results. It shows the results of each question in a format, which is very easy to understand, and helps with the analysis. Here are the graphs... Mean = the sum total of all the items of data divided by the number of items. Median = the item of data in the middle once all the items have been put in order of size from lowest to highest. ...read more.


Is it the boys? Or is it the girls? Here is how I find out. Girls: (100 * 9) + (90 * 10) + (80 * 6) = 2280 / 6 = 380 Boys: (100 * 4) + (90 * 10) + (80 * 8) + (70 * 2) + (50 * 1) = 2130 / 6 = 355 So this means that the girls get higher marks. From the line graph we can see that the line representing the boys grades ends before line the girls line. This also shows that the marks are lower. From the graph there is a slight positive correlation. This means my hypothesis was correct. Girls are less affected then boys who listen to music while studying. Conclusion I have now, finally, reached the end of this coursework. My entire hypotheses have been proved with the help of statistics. This coursework has helped me understand statistics and I know understand where it is necessary to use mean, median and mode. I have received very little help in how to do this coursework and I have used past coursework experience in how to lay things out. But overall I think I managed to do all that was necessary and I am to get a B. Thank you very much for going through this coursework. Adam khan Intermediate level Grade 11. ...read more.

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