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Does Matt Groening succeed in making his cartoon show appeal to such a wide audience? Discuss one particular episode of 'The Simpsons' in detail.

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Does Matt Groening succeed in making his cartoon show appeal to such a wide audience? Discuss one particular episode of 'The Simpsons' in detail The Simpsons is made to the highest production values with the most complex and sophisticated scripts animation has yet seen. An amazing fifteen scriptwriters re-write the whole show eight to nine times before it is considered to be finished. Each episode of the Simpsons is carefully constructed from twenty to thirty thousand drawings, which are sent to Korea to be oil painted by professional artists. The show uses a thirty six piece orchestra for its background music, which creates a wide selection of audio effects and life like sounds and the music is especially composed to fit the mood of the scene, helping to boost the emotions felt by the viewers. The Simpsons has become one of the most popular cartoon shows yet to be produced, as it is shown in many countries over the world in many different languages. ...read more.


This, as we can clearly see is satirizing American wives who basically have to do every household chores as well as doing the shopping etc. Following on from Marge and Maggie we then see Lisa in a music lesson where she is playing the saxophone in a different tune to the rest of the class. This tells us that Lisa is independent and different. Next we view that all the members of the family are going home to watch TV. Matt Groening is again satirizing Americans through the Simpson's as he is telling us that all Americans revolve around television. Anyway as the family are about to sit down on the couch and watch TV, something bizarre or hilarious always happens to the couch like it turns into a fish or runs away. This couch gag changes every episode like Bart's detention lines and real Simpsons fanatics will be looking forward for every episode to see what the new detention lines and the couch gags are. ...read more.


This goes too far as the family zap each other so much that Springfield runs out of electricity. This satirizes American belief in psychotherapy and the American electric chair. The scene was taken from the original 'A clockwork Orange' directed by Stanley Kubrick and as a result will be funny to those film fans. So in the end Dr Marvin Monroe kicks the family out as they achieve no results. But Homer tells Dr Marvin Monroe that the therapy commercial said that if there was no result there would be double the money back. Now nervous, Dr Marvin Monroe tells homer that did he believe in the commercial satirizing American people as it tells us that TV is their life. Nowhere to go Dr Marvin Monroe pays Homer $1000 and now the family are able to get a better-quality TV. At the beginning of the scene the family sell the dearly loved TV to pat for the therapy treatment and now at the end of the scene the family can by a better one, which takes the whole story round and round in a circle. GCSE MEDIA COURSEWORK ...read more.

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