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Don't Get Caught In The Web.

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Maurice van Mill 0247448 Don't Get Caught In The Web Verberkt One of the hottest, most discussed topics of the last decennium is globalization. Everybody talks about it and has an opinion about it. But what does it really mean and how does it influence people's everyday life? Globalization is a process to create a more open world in many areas, i.e. in politics, economics, law, and media. "It is driven by global dreams of vast corporate empires, compliant governments, a globalise consumer monoculture, and a universal ideological commitment to corporate libertarianism" (Korten 1996:121). In politics it means that countries worldwide are supposed to act multilaterally, and to share and carry out the same values and principals like peace and human rights. In economics it largely comes down to free trade and an open market between all countries worldwide. All countries are supposed to open their borders to foreign products and to not protect their own markets. The goal of this is that everyone will get better from it, especially Third World countries. In law, globalization brought forth the International Court of Justice and the International War Tribunal. But the area I am going to discuss in this essay is that part of globalization that touches people most in everyday life, namely the media in general but the Internet in particular. ...read more.


* Net Gaming - Net gaming encompass a broad category of behaviors including obsessive online gambling, gaming, shopping, or stock trading behaviours. In particular, individuals will utilize virtual casinos, interactive games, e-auction houses, or e-brokerage houses only to loose excessive amounts of money and even disrupt other job-related duties or significant relationships. Van Mill 3 * Information Overload - The wealth of data available on the World Wide Web has created a new type of compulsive behavior regarding excessive web surfing and database searches. Individuals will spend greater amounts of time searching and collecting data from the web and organizing information. Obsessive compulsive tendencies and reduced work productivity are typically associated with this behaviour. * Computer Addiction - In the 80s, computer games such as Solitaire and Minesweeper were programmed into computers and researchers found that obsessive computer game playing became problematic in organizational settings as employees spent most days playing rather than working. These games are not interactive nor played online. The problem of Internet addiction is still growing but there are some other problems that deserve attention. The Internet has a negative influence on people's social life and well-being. Through several studies it has become clear that increased use of the Net has led to a decrease in social activities and even loneliness among users. ...read more.


There is a fear among western governments that terrorists will start a cyber war against them. Network hacking is presenting fresh problems for companies, universities and law-enforcement officials in every industrial country ("Internet"). And the big problem is that it is very hard to Van Mill 5 avoid. The Internet is a network open to anyone and cannot be controlled by governments or secret service agencies. Still another problem is that of the viruses. Viruses are small bits of programming that can destroy a very large amount of information in a very short time. Because they change constantly and move stealthily they are hard to detect while the damage can be total. A single virus can make a computer crash irreparable. It is a fact that the Internet makes a wealth of information accessible to people around the world. People can connect with each other and share information almost at the speed of light. That are undoubtedly the great advantages the invention of the World Wide Web has given us. But as with every new media, like the radio a hundred years ago, or the television sixty years ago, it entails some dangers. And in the case of the Internet those are not the least dangers. But it is out of the question whether the Internet is a good development. The advantages outweigh the disadvantages. However, it is about handling the disadvantages and dangers to make the Internet a safe and even better medium in the future. ...read more.

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