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Double O Heaven - review of "The World Is Not Enough".

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Double O Heaven Well "kids" the latest Bond movie is out at a cinema near you and is set for the top of the charts. "The World Is Not Enough" contains all the typical Bond assets: guns, gadgets, getaways and of course the Bond girls! Throughout this article I will take you through all the ingredients to make a classic Bond, "The World Is Not Enough" is no exception to this. "The World Is Not Enough" is a formula film, as is every James Bond film. The formula must contain, lots of action, gadgets, the Bond girl, chase sequences and a "load" of explosions and stunts. The Hollywood high concept film contains fast-paced editing so don't' blink or you'll miss the action! As far as the "mise en scene" is concerned, the gadgets are surely the most noticeable props. I guess the first one to notice are the glasses with the button that Bond uses to trigger off a small explosive device disguised as a gun. From this diversion Bond can make his getaway from the "Swiss bankers". ...read more.


"Bond women" are seen as weaker, and whether they're on Bonds side or not they always seem to give in to his devilishly, "irritating" charm. And of course he wouldn't be "James Bond" if he didn't sleep with at least one woman, so that was always guaranteed. There is no sign of stopping those corny, sexist comments made by the man himself. For examples when a receptionist asks Bond "How are my figures?" he replies "Oh, I'm sure they're perfectly rounded." Referring to her figure rather than her numbers. The Bond girls, look as if they have been created on a virtual reality program, perfect in every way. The latest model sports a figure-hugging red catsuit but uses a variety of weapons adeptly proving herself to be a worthy adversary. There is a wide range of use of different camera angles to suit the action or surroundings. The best shot scene in the whole movie, must be the boat chase sequence. This scene uses just about all the camera shots possible. ...read more.


So the lighting is important and works in "The World Is Not Enough". The more open combat between Bond and his femme fatale is by contrast in broad daylight. There are two parts of the sound I look at. First being "diagetic sound", without this then the movie would be like a silent movie from the 1920's. Which is not necessarily a bad thing the comic genius Charlie Chaplin is considered one on cinemas legends and is far more popular than Pierce Brosnan, however silent movies would not appeal to modern audience. Diagetic sound includes; explosions, gunfire and engine noise, the sound-track is the "non-diagetic sound", the classic James Bond theme music for example. This also includes suspense music, which is used to make the atmosphere more intense. I think on the overall basis, the hook of the opening scene of "The World Is Not Enough" is fantastic. Put together by the editing, sound, and "mise en scene". It is this combination that sets for such an effective opening to the rest of this marvellous "Bond flick". This has stayed within the limits of the classic "Bond genre" with modern technological additions... "Double O Heaven" indeed. Race to a cinema near you now! Alex Henderson ...read more.

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