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E-commerce Vs Bricks and mortar retail in Australia

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E-commerce Vs Bricks and mortar retail in Australia E-commerce has emerged as a new force in retail providing consumers with more choice and convenience than ever before. People can now shop from retailers across the globe in the comfort of their own home. It would be thought that exciting possibilities such as this would be readily adopted and create competition for existing retail methods. This has not been the outcome in Australia however. Although e-commerce continues to climb in adoption rates bricks and mortar retail has not been affected to any great extent. This being said some areas of e-commerce are becoming successful new ventures on the net. Throughout this essay we will look at what e-commerce is, how it is being used and who is using it. It will also be considered whether e-commerce will ever replace bricks and mortar retailers or will e-commerce disappear? E-commerce is a business that is run on the internet rather than from a bricks and mortar location. E-commerce uses computer networks and telecommunications to conduct its business as it has no face to face contact with its customers. It can be argued that e-commerce is a more effective way of doing business. (NOIE, 2000) This is because it does not require all the overheads and staff required in a bricks and mortar business. However E-commerce is more complicated than it may first seem, more is involved than the simple transfer of funds over the internet. ...read more.


This has provided consumers with a new scope of choice which is much bigger than anything offered before. Not only does this ease of access globally mean that Australians can purchase goods and services from around the world, it also means that the world can now easily purchase goods from Australia. E-commerce has opened Australia up to potential consumers that did not exist previously purely due to the inability to access the goods and services available. Due to the internets ease of access e-commerce has opened up a whole new world to people with disabilities, specifically disabilities that inhibit a person's ability to move easily to and from shopping areas. (DCITA, 2002) The internet is easy to use in the home environment and offers an alternative to people who find it difficult to shop at bricks and mortar retail outlets. This also offers empowerment to individuals who previously relied on someone else to do their shopping for them or helped them to shop. These people can now have the independence of doing their own shopping online and the enjoyment of browsing through what different retailers have to offer. Although e-commerce is growing and offers many exciting new opportunities to consumers it is unlikely that it will ever totally replace brick and mortar commerce. There are many aspects of traditional bricks and mortar commerce that cannot be replicated online and as a result of this can never fully replace traditional commerce. ...read more.


Although e-commerce continues to develop it is highly unlikely that it will ever totally replace bricks and mortar commerce. The experiences that the two offer are so different that they are both used for different reasons. E-commerce is used for convenience where traditional retaile is often used as a social activity and a form of entertainment. E-commerce has not been adopted in Australia as readily as it has been in some other countries, it will however continue to provide consumers with the convenience of home shopping. Many Australians now would not want to go back to traditional commerce and be force to go into a bank to do their banking rather than simply logging on at home. The e-commerce revolution will continue to grow but brick and mortar will also remain. Referances Noonan, T. (1999) Accessible e-commerce in Australia. Retrieved: November 23, 2004, from: http://www.bca.org.au/ecrep.htm Mitchell. J, (2000) The implementation of E-competent Australia 2000 for VET. Retrieved: November 14, 2004, from: http://www.flexiblelearning.net.au/nw2000/talkback/p71.htm The Australian Government Treasury. (2003)The internet and B2C E-commerce. Retrieved: November 14, 2004, from: http://www.ecommerce.treasury.gov.au/bpmreview/content/DiscussionPaper/03_Chapter2.asp NOIE. (2000) Setting the record straight about credit card fraud for consumers. Retrieved November 7, 2004, from: http://www2.dcita.gov.au/__data/assets/file/18859/creditcardfraud.pdf Department of communications, information technology and the arts, (2001) Intensity: international benchmarking: B2C e-commerce. Retrieved: November 13, 2004, from: http://www2.dcita.gov.au/ie/publications/2001/06/csop/in5 http://www.bambooweb.com/articles/e/l/Electronic_Commerce.html Department of communications, information technology and the arts, (2002) People with disabilities. Retrieved: November 13, 2004, from: http://www2.dcita.gov.au/ie/community_connectivity/social_impacts_of_ict/disabilities ACS (2001)What senior executives can learn from the dot com crash of 2000. Retrieved: November 13, 2004, from: http://www.acs.org.au/Certification/Documents/EBus/2001EB1-DotComCrash.pdf 1 Net 215 ...read more.

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