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Eastenders critical review.

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Eastenders is one of Britain's most loved soaps, with over 47million viewers. Eastenders is aired four times a week and repeated on Sunday. It is a prime time TV shown at 19:30/20:00. Eastenders has been shown on BBC for over 17 years, yet still remains more popular than ever, how does it keep its appeal? The characters in Eastenders are from all types of backgrounds, races, age and gender, so there is at least one person that the audience can relate to. The show is aimed at a wide audience, as it is shown on weekday evenings; it is however aimed mainly at females. As the show is aimed mainly at women, they have a strong presence. ...read more.


Many people have grown up with Eastenders and have watched the characters grow, this makes the audience feel part of them and if they know them. Viewers are loyal to the show because of this; to some viewers it's almost as if they are watching their family on screen. This can help to increase the dramatic effect of a story line, for example if a characters dies, the audience feels as though they have lost a part of themselves. Eastenders is always introducing new characters or families, which helps to increase viewers, as they will watch to see what the new family are like, and to see if they will cause any friction between other families/characters. ...read more.


Eastenders has a 'token' black family and a 'token' Asian family, to show that they can be diverse and show a range of races in their characters, this however does help to create verisimilitude as realistically there would be more black/Asian families living in the East end of London. Eastenders is aired for just 30 minutes, but as it is a long-running soap it does not always have to find closure within this time, as it can be continued in the next episode. This is a good way to keep viewers interested, for example in the 'Who shot Phil Mitchell?' story. I think Eastenders will continue to be a very successful soap, as long it keeps re-creating itself with fresh storylines and new characters. Sophie McDevitt ...read more.

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