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Eastenders. How does your chosen text attract its audience ?

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´╗┐How does your chosen text attract its audiences? Soap operas attract its audiences in many different ways and use a lot of tactics to keep their viewing going up. Audiences are so important to media because without them, there would be no media. So this is why many different types of media use specialist ways to keep their audiences engaged to help media progress. One of the soaps that has being focused on is Eastenders. Eastenders Is a soap that is shown four times a week on bbc1. It is based in London?s east end. It included a wide range of characters and storylines. One of the soaps intentions is to deal with controversial social issues and Eastenders likes to see itself and as pursuing ?documentary realism?. It does not have a naturalistic mode and can shift from melodramatic or to sitcom. Eastenders uses a lot of realism within its story lines so that the audience can relate back to the story lines. ...read more.


to grade E ( lowest class) as within the soap its has doctors, lawyers etc... and among that it has unemployed people, students. So it isn?t specifically for one class grade. Families are used as well as usually in soap operas they have 3 or 4 families and in Eastenders most of the characters are part of a family and the family live on the square. Families are a good way to attract as they seem relatively real life as the storylines include arguments, death, wills, new born?s, divorce etc.. and can relate to these storylines and/or help them come to terms with there own family issues. Different classes are also used as characters, from grade A (upper classes) to grade E ( lowest class) as with in the soap its has doctors, lawyers etc... And among that it has unemployed people, students. So it isn?t specifically for one class grade. Many cultures and nationalist are included within the characters so it isn?t just aimed at one certain group of people. ...read more.


The plots are open-ended and usually has a multiplicity of which interlinked in an episode ( metanarrative). The storylines in these cases run parallel. But episode will undoubtedly end with a 'cliff-hanger', which is a tense and suspenseful, un concluded piece of dialogue or action when But with the ending, it will come to some kind of conclusion as well as a cliff-hanger such as ? Billy?s dead? which concludes that the character is dead but still raises up questions of? why, when, where etc..?. The location of Eastenders is set around a small, central area ?Trafalgar square?. And somehow the characters are all connected through either, relationships, arguments or history such as Phill Mitchell used to bully Ian Beal as school over 20 years ago and now you still see his subliminal control over Ian. Eastenders often have special episodes for events in the real world such as Christmas or the Millennium and even just an round up to a storyline such as ? who killed Archie (( an hour long special)). Such episodes are often referred to as 'soap bubbles?. ...read more.

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