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Elvis Presley Coursework: His impact on twentieth century culture

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Elvis Presley Coursework (1) Source A is an article from the "Billboard" U.S music magazine on March 3rd 1956. At the time the 'Billboard' magazine was a successful youth magazine paper which had mass readership; its main target audience was teenagers. The magazine says that Elvis is, '...the hottest artist on the RCA label'. The very fact that one of the most popular youth papers in America describes Elvis as being, 'the hottest artist on the RCA label' clearly shows that Elvis had a huge impact on popular music. In 1956 RCA was an extremely well known label, so for the 'Billboard' magazine to say that Elvis was 'the hottest artist on the RCA label' demonstrates how popular Elvis was. The article states that Elvis had 'six hit singles in the company's hit list of top-25 best sellers'. This shows me that not only was he supported by the 'Billboard' magazine; his music was very successful and liked by many fans. (The 'Billboard' magazine is directly linked to the charts). The article says, '...none other than the amazing country warbler, Elvis Presley'. ...read more.


The 'Variety' magazine attracts working class Americans, whereas the New York time is a traditional newspaper which attracts an older generation. The 'New York Journal' says that Elvis's primitive movement is difficult to describe in terms of a family newspaper'. The 'Daily News' says that 'he gave an exhibition that was suggestive and vulgar'. These two statements are against Elvis's physical movement. However source C and D show Elvis's as being a sexy dance mover who can attract a huge female audience and achieve high TV ratings. Therefore source B is against Elvis's impact to music is vulgar and unacceptable. On the other hand source C and D Show that Elvis is popular and highly successful. (3) Source E contains 3 different extracts, one from a congressman, a member of the Ku Klux Klan and Billy Graham (a well known evangelical preacher). The Congressman says that 'Elvis Presley and his animal gyrations violate all that I know to be in good taste'. I think this source is unreliable because the Congressman's opinion doesn't reflect the majority of people who buy his songs. Also this is just his opinion, it doesn't have any factual evidence behind it. ...read more.


His views also reflect the views of parents across the U.S.A. There fore this source is quite useful. However he later goes on to like Elvis this is due to the gospel song which he sings. Source F shows the top five singles of the year 1955, 1956 and 1957. In 1955 Elvis did not make it to the top five singles however in 1956 and 1957 Elvis appears in the top five singles at least 3 times. This source demonstrates how successful Elvis's music is. It reflects a large amount of fans that buy Elvis's music therefore the source is reliable. Also the source is based on factual evidence it is not just an opinion. Therefore this source is more reliable than source E which is based on opinions which haven't been backed up by factual evidence. Source G is from a magazine article about Elvis Presley's service in the US Army in 1958. The magazine goes on to say, "where else could a nobody like Presley become a somebody so quickly'. This quote symbolizes the American dream that says everybody has an equal chance to be successful and that you can be successful. At the start of Elvis's career he was very controversial. ?? ?? ?? ?? Jacques Malecaut 11L ...read more.

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