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English coursework: Modern music society

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English coursework: Modern music society "Music is the soundtrack of your life". I'm sure everyone has heard this phrase at least once in there life time, but I will bet you've never really given much thought to how true it really is, I mean I can almost guarantee everyone has a different image in their heads about what a fan of rap music looks like compared to a fan of metal, which is all because of different stereotypes that were created over the years. The type of music you listen to changes the way people look at you, it may change the way you dress, how well you're accepted into mainstream society, and many different aspects of your life. But in my opinion this isn't the way it should be. Each different style of music has its own stereotypes from the "gangsters" of rap, to the "Goths" of metal to the well, punks of punk music but for the majority these stereotypes are very wrong and can negatively affect the people they are directed towards. Rap and hip-hop music is the most widely listened to and popular styles of music today. ...read more.


Then artists such as Ozzy Osbourne and Alice Cooper took things further by bringing even crazier stage shows and demonic lyrics, this didn't help the stereotyping at all. But as most of the listeners knew it was all for show but none of the parents or critics knew this. Back then (early 80's) it was popular to listen to rock and metal but in recent years fans have become outcasts because of certain stereotypes, a lot of people will say that people that listen to metal, especially death metal, are "gothic" or "emo", which isn't true at all, most of the people they think are Goth are genuinely nice people and just like black. Because of this some of these people grow up with low self esteem, I've personally seen friends that this has happened to, and people have said stuff to me about it as well because I play heavy metal music. The majority of these people are just afraid of what they don't know and if they gave things a chance would realize its not that scary or weird. The attitude of punk music was started back in the 60's during the Vietnam war, artists such as Bob Dylan were fed up with the way the government was running things and this was the first sign of music that promoted anti-government. ...read more.


Most grunge artists wore dirty clothes and plaid shirts, just to contrast the view of 80' music. This in turn started another stereotype, one that saw anyone that listened to grunge being stereotyped as a "dirt bag". This movement didn't last long though, with the death of Kurt Cobain in 1994 ultimately came the death of grunge. But in recent years punk has carved a niche in mainstream music, with the creation of pop-punk bands such as Green Day and Good Charlotte gave people an alternative to underground punk but still there were many fans of "true" punk that were against pop-punk, which stereotyped people that listen to it as "goody goodies' and things of that nature, it seems as if punk music will always just go on in a continuous circle. As you can tell, there is no way that all of these stereotypes can be either true or have a positive effect on people, they can emotionally damage a person to the point where it dramatically effects their life. I believe that people should have a more open mind and the next time you see one of these people instead of stereotyping them just give them a chance and talk to them and you will soon realize that most of the things you believed about these stereotypes are false. ...read more.

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