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English Language Article Comparison

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English Language Article Comparison In this piece of work I will be comparing two articles from newspapers. Both the articles are about the same story and were printed on the same day (Tuesday October 13th 1998), however they are from two different newspapers. One of them is from The Sun and the other from The Telegraph, the main difference between these two papers is that The Sun is a tabloid and The Telegraph is a broadsheet. Throughout this piece of work I will try to examine the difference in their attitudes towards writing news due to this variation in category of newspaper. The article concerns dogs that were at a police dog training unit, the instructor allegedly forced a handler to kick and hang the dogs, one of the dogs involved died. The first and most distinctive thing you realise about these two stories is the difference in headlines. Firstly in The Telegraph the height of the letters involved is only approximately 1cm where as in The Sun it is 2.6cm. This clearly shows that The Sun wants to make a larger impact and draw your attention to that particular story. Other points about the headlines that back this up are the style of writing. In The Telegraph the headline has been written in serif, this means that the editor has decided to use a font which includes small decorative lines at the ends of letters, however The Sun's headline is in sans serif and so doesn't have these lines. This makes the letters much more sharp, and 'right-angled' this gives a hard feel to the words and helps attract readers. Another way the editor has used the headline to attract the reader in The Sun is by using block capitals, this instantly makes the letters bigger, stand out and coupled with the words being in bold black and sans serif gives a real shock effect. ...read more.


The way in which pictures have been used however, is quite different. Firstly, in The Telegraph there is only one picture, it simply shows two of the accused dog trainers as though they are walking into court. You get this impression because it is an unposed shot and has been taken from a wide angle, plus neither trainer is looking at the camera nor willing to and so the only reason this was used was because it is probably the only available photo of them. On the other hand The Sun has used many pictures in many ways. The editor has decided to put four small photographs next to each other, each with different man who has been accused, not only this but they have put a banner across the side of each of them which reads; 'ACCUSED'. This has certainly been used as an emotive step so that the reader feels harsh thoughts towards these people because the banner instantly portrays them as callous and bad, even though it still hasn't gone through court, all four of the pictures are close up and unposed. In fact in the close up pictures you can barely see anything else other than the faces of these men, this stirs emotion because their whole face is made very big in proportion to the story and the close up highlights all the parts of their face, which can be very hardening. As well as this, there are two other pictures, one simply of an Alsatian, with its tongue, this photo has been specifically selected to make you feel kindly towards the dogs and make the reader feel sorry for what happened to them. Emotion is put upon the photo of the dog because the dog looks so defenceless and with it's tongue sticking out makes you feel terrible about the fact it was killed. Next to this is a photo that probably stirs up the most emotion, it depicts PC Needham with his dog, this is his own dog and the one he was forced to kill. ...read more.


It is very interesting to notice the caption by the pictures, like the headline in The Independent it uses a colon to shorten it. 'NEW DIG: The mound of earth...' this has been done to tell the reader what the picture is of as a straight forward statement rather than a sentence, the they can read on to find more information about it. Once again it is interesting that The Sun used this technique with a colon, this is one of the few similarities between the broadsheets and tabloids that I have been studying. In conclusion I feel that the difference between these two papers is much more subtle than that of The Telegraph and The Sun. This could well be because The Express is a much less of a tabloid than The Sun, The Sun is a member of a group of newspapers which include The Mirror and News of the World that are socialist and are targeted at certain groups of society, they nearly always take a view on something and portray their stories in this way. They also often deal a lot in 'gossip' and stories that may not have much official backing, this sells them a lot of papers but can often get them into trouble. However, papers such as The Express and The Daily Mail are also tabloids but take a much less extremist view, they are a tabloid in the sense that they will tamper in the field of so called gossip but not to the extent of The Sun, The Mirror etc. This is why it is much more difficult to spot differences between The Independent and The Express. Broadsheets on the other hand are often simply an informative paper, the reporters get information about a case and put in a story to convey it to the reader, they do not try to involve emotion and/or opinions in the way that tabloids might and their stories can be nearly always guaranteed to be totally fact or at least based on solid evidence. English Media Coursework 02/05/07 Mrs. Rickell ...read more.

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