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Essay on Desperate Housewives & Peep Show Gender

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Essay on Desperate Housewives & Peep Show Gender In the sitcom example from 'Desperate Housewives' and 'Peep Show', there are many examples where the characters express ideas concerning their own gender. In Desperate Housewives, the women in the sitcom are typical American stereotype of rich women, pretty with slim figures and rich husbands. They may also seem obsessed with the other male characters in the show, and they are interested in money, cars, house, shopping and make-up which are usually portrayed as what a women interests. Every female character on Desperate Housewives struggles with the attempt of obtaining that perfect, idealistic picture of a family. The men in the sitcom are all 'tall, dark and handsome', and they all own big upmarket homes, with expensive cars, which evidently show that they have a lot of money. ...read more.


One main example of the difference between the sitcom is that they are not based in American or in the suburban area of Britain as that is where they are based. The main male characters in this sitcom share a flat in Croydon South London. So this sitcom is a representative of the attitudes and values of two men sharing a flat in London. This was portrayed as to be very unhygienic and messy. One of the main male characters clearly show this by being a drunk and obviously a hedonist who evidently lives only for the pleasures of life e.g. sex, drugs, and drink. He character is named Jeremy. ...read more.


This therefore shows that Mark also has a masculine side to him. In Peep Show, the gender and masculinity is mainly shown through the way they act and what they say. In Peep Show, Jeremy enjoys sex and always getting drunk and also very unhygienic habits, whereas Mark does not correspond to this idea of stereotypical males, as his is much more hygienic, he also carries himself appropriately although his fears of marriage shows the emblematic male in him. The women in both sitcoms portray themselves as clean and know how to look after themselves, however in the American sitcom Desperate Housewives, they seem to be more obsessed with money, and also in both sitcoms the seems interested in sex which portrays them as sexual objects. In both sitcoms the do a good job of portraying different characteristics to do with the gender of people. ...read more.

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