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Essay on Psycho

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Essay on Psycho Psycho is a horror movie directed and produced by Alfred Hitchcock. The movie was filmed in the late fifties and released in 1960. There were very few horror films in the sixties and this was considered a groundbreaking movie. As the film is in black and white it is very dark and gloomy, just perfect for a horror movie. There are other points that tell us early on that this is a horror movie and that we will be scared, like the hard rain against the car window when Marian is driving away and the worried look on Marians face as she drives. Even before the film begins the theme music is very horrific. The basic story line is that Marian has isolated here self from friends, family and all who know her after stealing $40,000 by driving far away, buying a new car and not telling anyone. She is very tired and has been driving all night. ...read more.


This makes the audience feel sympathy for Marian as she is planning to give the money back. In the sixties the audience would never sympathise with a thief. Marian takes her clothes off but no nudity is dare shown. We hear only natural noises and this begins to make us feel as if we are there. Her being naked is symbolic of how vulnerable she is. The raw editing by Hitchcock is intentional and most camera angles are from inside the shower. This again makes us feel as if we are involved in the scene. The camera zooms in on Marian and then shows us the showerhead, as Marian would see it, again making the audience feel part of the scene. The next key shot is when the killer is introduced to us. The mid shot is concentrated on Marian, showing the shower curtain in the background. Then the camera tails of to the left and we see movement from someone. ...read more.


Buckle after buckle the shower curtain is ripped off symbolising Marians hope of surviving slipping away helplessly. She drops to the floor and everything is quiet apart from Marian's blood trickling down the drain as her life is draining away. The killer has came and left very swiftly and again we are left alone with Marian, Hitchcock shows us this bye showing the shower head once again and returning to the natural noises of the shower beating against the bathroom floor again. Hitchcock now uses a extreme close up of Marian's lifeless eyes and white face before zooming out and finally tailing right to show us that the $40,000 is still there and this tells us that the killing was not a act for the money. This was a classic and an all time great horror move made by one of the best directors of the decade. Although Psycho has been remade, in my opinion the original has never been bettered and maybe never will be. This movie has a guaranteed place in film history. David Macfarlane David Macfarlane ...read more.

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