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Essay on the comparism between Tony Parsons and Mark Hertsgaard

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Essay on the comparism between Tony Parsons and Mark Hertsgaard The tabloid article was written by Tony Parsons and the broadsheet was written by Mark Hertsgaard. The context of theses articles are the analysis of the September eleventh attacks. The political context is the debate on America's government. This assay is to focus on the comparism and the context of these articles. The target audience for the mirror article are those who want to be amused and want accessible language, this type of newspaper is called a tabloid newspaper. The vocabulary is simple and sentences short. The article doesn't going into profoundness in its outline of the events the article could be also aimed at people who are in a bit of a hurry and want something simple and fast to read. The target audience for the Guardian are people who are interested in significant news and less humour, this type is a broadsheet newspaper. It is targeted at people who want to go into more depth on the incident and who want more information, also Hertsgaard's article is less biased so anyone would be able to read it. Tony Parsons' purpose is to make the readers feel overwhelmed with sympathy for the Americans because of the devastating effects of 9/11.He uses phrases like "unspeakable act so cruel," to make clear to the readers his feelings of 9/11. ...read more.


He also shows the contrasts as he compares the reaction in Palestine and America. He states how "Palestinians were dancing in the street" while Americans showed their respect by holding a minute silence for the victims, bringing across the message that America was right morally. He speaks in first person "I love America" to bring his own feelings into the matter, this shows his personal views on America. In his article Tony Parsons uses sarcasm "So a few al-Qaeda tourists got locked without a trial in Camp X-ray? Pass the Kleenex." This brings across to the readers his deep remorse, towards the people who caused 9/11 and to bring guilt to the people who are supportive to the terrorist and to tell them that 9/11 was a major issue. The language used in the Hertsgaard article helps us in understanding what the Guardian article is about. He repeats the fact that America is only "ignorant" because of the "state friendly" press to show the innocence of the Americans. He speaks in 3rd person "Americans are not used to drawing the distinction most outsiders do between Americans and America," to make readers more interested and informed. ...read more.


end there but carries on in the book he has written, this shows what he has stated has been deeply researched on and can be trusted by the readers. In conclusion, the two articles argue points of views from two different people. The tabloid article presents America as innocent victims of Islamic terrorist whilst the broadsheet article puts forward, the argument that Americans are the "victims" of semi-official propaganda, with connections to their countries activities in the outside world. The two articles contemplate on different issues, Parsons talks about the incident of September 11 and its effects on Americans as well as the reasons why America was attacked. On the other hand Hertsgaard concentrates on how the Americans have gone back to living their lives as before the incident, because of the leaders who are not informing them of the full details of America's activities in the world affairs. He also mentions the media who also fail to challenge their leaders causing the Americans to be ignorant about different matters. Parsons uses emotive language and different techniques to make his arguments effective and to reinforce his arguments to the readers. Hertsgaard's language on the other hand is more balanced allowing the reader to decide for themselves on what they believe in the matter. Mercedes Rhodes ...read more.

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