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Ethics paper.

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Ethics paper Brad Johnson Ethics in film, TV, radio are most like the same. But it depends on who and what the show is about, and what time the show is on the air. For example: your not going to let some one kill another person on nickelodeon. Would you? No you wouldn't, it is the wrong channel to put that on, and that station is pointed and directed at kids. No parent wants his or her kid see killing at that age. That station is for shows that little kids like, like: " The Rugrats". You want that show to have something that a kid can learn by watching that show. In film, people are most likely to do what they want to do. ...read more.


You would not have strong sexual content in a G movie. Would you? No. That would be in a NC17 or a XXX film. In a G movie you would expect some like " The Rugrats" something fun and funny for kids to watch. In an R movie I would expect: violets, profanity, nudity, and more. In NC17 movies you would expect: strong sexual content, nudity, profanity, violets and more. If you're in a PG movie you mite want to act like a kid. You would not want to talk like an adult but like a kid. In a XXX movie you wouldn't act most of the time. You would just be your self. Not caring about the people who are going to watch the film. ...read more.


In radio, it is a lot different you can not see the warring saying that this is for people older then 18. You have to hear it from the dj. And most times there do not say that this show of LoveLine is for people over 21. LoveLine on O Rock 1059 they do say right be for LoveLine comes on, they have a little message come on, saying: "LoveLine may not be suitable fore people under the age of 15. Because of that we talk about." This show does not come on until 11:00 pm because of what they talk about. Most radios play music all day, and at night that have stuff like LoveLine. Sources. Heather Johnson Josh Mindouncuk Orock 1059---- fore the example of loveline Nickelodin---- fore the example of The Rugrats Brad Johnson ...read more.

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