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Evaluate the extent to which The Simpsons follow the conventions of a typical sitcom - Refer to specific episodes that you have watched to support your evaluation.

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Evaluate the extent to which The Simpsons follow the conventions of a typical sitcom. Refer to specific episodes that you have watched to support your evaluation. As T.V was getting more and more popular some shows had started, which fitted into a category of "Sitcoms". These types of shows were both humorous and situational. The type of comedy which was comic devices like violence which is funny in cartoons or in real life the way the people fight and when some one gets hurt it brings a sense of comedy. There were a variety of different devices used examples include: Satire- this was a way of making jokes of stereotypes most people in America are stereotypes. Gags- In the sitcom it shows there were a lot of gags (jokes) used to make the show funny and more interesting. Slapstick- this was used a lot not only in cartoons but also in real life you would see idiotic people running into walls or slipping over banana peals. These sitcom shows were short. Normally what would happen is that there would be a situation but at the end everything will turn out to be OK and the situation would be dealt with. In most sitcoms when something funny would happen you would hear canned laughter it is an audience laugh recorded. Sitcoms were based on middle class homes/workers and about normal American/British families. The episodes weren't in any sort of order any episode would come on. ...read more.


cooking, shopping, cleaning etc. In the opening sequence she is shopping and she is not paying attention to Maggie who is on the till and she gets scanned at is put into the shopping bag Marge realises that Maggie is missing and she gets worried but Maggie pops her head out of the shopping bag and then they go home. The family get home at the same time. The episode that I had watched was "Simpsons roasting on an open fire". A simple plot of this episode is that the family go out to do the Christmas shopping and Bart goes of and gets a tattoo Marge sees him and immediately takes him to get it removed unfortunately she spends all the Christmas money to get it removed she thinks she can use Homers Christmas bonus to use on Christmas. Meanwhile homer is at work and he finds out that he isn't getting a Christmas bonus so he thinks the family can use the money they saved not knowing Marge has spent it. When the family get home Homer finds out that the money they saved up has been spent to get Bart's tattoo being removed Homer doesn't tell the family that his Christmas bonus is cancelled so he works in a superstore as Santa Clause. Bart finds out about this and at the end of Homer's job he only gets $13.00 so him and Bart go to the derby they lose but they bring ...read more.


This shows how lazy he is and a stereotyped person. The Simpsons is not to fit into a stereotype of a typical sitcom. We analyse the episode "The Simpsons Roasting on an open fire" in this episode we see that the Simpsons, although different to what we have previously seen on typical sitcoms, they do love each other at the end of the day. The family are stereotyped of a normal everyday family. They are not perfect and they do have many problems but they are a healthy family. They are individually stereotyped in their own ways. Marge is a typical mother because like most housewives she is stuck at home with household domestics and looking after Maggie but she is more independent than other women in her position. Homer is very irresponsible he is clumsy and he is dumb. He is the father of the family he provides and cares for them but as we see Homer in the episodes he is shown to be really stupid but at the end of the day he does love, care and provide for the family. The children as a whole are very bright they have done a number of things for example Bart always catches out side-show Bob while he is planning something evil and Lisa helps her brother a lot she is very clever and saved her fathers life during a heart operation. The children do love their family and care for each other. ...read more.

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