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Evaluation of five sites

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The first website which I have chosen to do an evaluation on is a mobile company called, "Vodafone."www.vodafone.co.uk The purpose of this website is to give Vodafone customers a chance to see the new deals the company have to offer, and to view the latest mobile handsets on the market. I my first impression of this website, is that it is very basic and easy to understand. The website designer has kept the theme of grey and red colours, throughout the whole website. I feel that this gives the feeling to the users a sense of professionalism. The website is full of hyperlinks which are quite easy to follow as, they are marked quite clearly. The website has been divided into six sections, but to view most of these you must register your details. By registering your details you are entitled to access free monthly web texts, and also you may be able to receive free registering credit. These offers are highlighted quite clearly on the website these make it appealing for the user to continue to brose the website. This will then entail the users to become a regular user of the Vodafone services. ...read more.


The third website which I have chosen to evaluate is a well-known music television programme called, cd: UK www.cduk.com It is designed to show viewers what goes on behind the scenes, up and coming venues and dates, information on the weekly stars which appear on the show, and the latest music charts in UK I found that this website was very eye-catching, with bright colours and imaginative. But the first thing that I noticed was the unnecessary icons in which the web designer has included. Users are able to change the background colour of the website which really in no use or in connection with the website or what it is about. Also to view the comments, which the readers have written there, is a very awkward scroll that you have to use. I feel that young sers or those with disabilities would not very easily use this, as it is not marked clearly on the page. On the other hand I feel that the graphics are quite good once you find your way around them though it's hard to find your way around. I feel that this website could be improved a lot if the scroll bar was presented in a more simplified manner to make it user to access the information. ...read more.


The colours that the website designer have used are quite bold and bright which would not appeal to those of an older age. Also the text font which the have used for the titles and the sub-headings, are quite distracting and again for those with poor eyesight, are hard to make out. Though I found it quite easy to find my way around the website, I found that most of the text was written in bulk, rather than, 'easy to understand,' bullet points. Which it is a major downfall when you are searching for a specific area on the website. The graphics are quite quirky, but compared to those, which I had already viewed during my five evaluation, they are quite bland and pretty boring. In conclusion I don't think this would be very popular with many website users, I think this would mainly be because of the information written in bulk and the presentation of the actual design of the website I think this website would need a lot of improvement, epically in the areas in which I have just mentioned. For further improvement I think more hyper links should be added, in relation this topic to give the user a more varied option for their dietary requirements. By Kerrie Mc Aloon ...read more.

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