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Gemma Binns Mr M Smith Media Assignment January 2003 EXAMINE THE OPENING SCENES OF BOTH SLEEPY HOLLOW AND THE TRUMAN SHOW. DISCUSS THE TECHNIQUES USED BY BOTH DIRECTORS. In this essay I shall be concentrating upon the role of the director, looking at the films Sleepy Hollow and The Truman Show. The director has enormous power and authority for everything that happens on the film set. The two directors of Sleepy Hollow (Tim Burton) and The Truman Show (Peter Weir) both set out to make different kind of films. Tim Burton set out to make a gothic horror film whereas Peter Weir set out to make a serious comedy. When the opening credits of Sleepy Hollow began the audience know what genre the film was by the mood and atmosphere. The colours black, grey and white along with the mist and fog creates a spooky atmosphere and the audience associates this with the unknown. The heavy tones of the orchestra fades into one single voice, which emits a ghost like chant. ...read more.


Then the audience hears a horseman riding by. A sound effect of a sword is used then the audience sees the decapitated coach driver. Van Garret leaps out of the coach and then we see the horse and coach move down the lane and exit the scene. A tracking shot is shown of Van Garret running through a cornfield. We can also see what the actor can see with a hand-held camera looking left and right. The music is slow and quiet but creepy. Silence, the music stops and the scarecrow appears and all you can see is the scarecrows head. You can hear a sword being pulled out and Van Garret has been decapitated. Peter Weir is the director of the film The Truman Show and he set out to make an intelligent and thought provoking film. The film is a serious comedy and so the film is unique and very original. Enormous care has been taken with each shot and scene to make it look as though Truman's life is a reality TV show. ...read more.


The director repeatedly shouts action to the actor so Truman doesn't get suspisus. Sometimes the director loses control of what is suppose to happen in Truman's life. As in one case Truman is suppose to fall in love with Beryl who is one of the main actors. Instead Truman falls in love with Lauren who is one of the extras. This causes great difficulty for the director so he has to think very quickly in what is going to happen next. So the director sends in Lauren's Dad to take her away. In my opinion Sleepy Hollow and The Truman Show were both very interesting films, although they were very different films. Sleepy Hollow had the most special effects, as there was more lightening and thunder to show the atmosphere. Whereas, The Truman Show has mood and atmosphere but doesn't use special effects to reflect the mood. The cameras are used well in both films because they help to show atmosphere. Peter Weir took a greater risk than Tim Burton to do well at the box office. Both directors used storyboards to work out the sequence of scenes. ...read more.

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