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Examine the relationship between the music industry and the music press in the promotion of music

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Examine the relationship between the music industry and the music press in the promotion of music. The press and music industry work symbiotically with each other, meaning that they depend on each other to help them grow, and be successful. The music industry provides news, photographs and interviews for music journalists, whilst the record companies and artists gain more publicity. The music press plays a major part in the process of selling music as an economic commodity, whilst at the same time investing it with cultural significance. The magazine 'Smash Hits' is a bi-weekly consumer magazine, which covers mainstream music that is currently in the charts. It has a massive reader audience mainly consisting of the teen market. There are adverts aimed at the younger readers in these magazines, such as information on tours and where to purchase the tickets, as well as the latest albums being released. This provides advertising for the record companies and helps increase the artist's coverage. ...read more.


The reviews can help provide the record companies with critical feedback, so that they can maintain or change their standards accordingly. If the author of the review is well respected then they can have significant effect on the artist's success. One broad category of the UK music press is weekly consumer papers, for example NME, which really helped to support the Indie scene. NME began publication in 1952, and marketed to the new generation of teenage record buyers in the UK. The NME was closely tied into the record industry, and mainly focussed on the stars of popular music, with little critical perspective in the music covered. Readers are able to consume magazines at their own pace and independently. They only select parts of the magazine that interests them, so magazines must make an impact straight away. There are common themes in the segmented market of the music press, that are consumer related. Different magazines provide attractive covers to immediately grab our attention and the size of magazines and scope vary according to readership. ...read more.


The music press really helps influence people's tastes on recent musical releases and encourages the readers to buy certain albums. They act as ideological gatekeepers; if they provide good reviews on an album then the reader trusts their judgement and will share similar views. This can often lead to the two-step flow, where people will read a review then become an opinion leader and tell their friends about it. This may then encourage them both to purchase the album and others who they may also tell. Fanzines are produced by one person, or a group of friends working from their homes. They help to preserve the memory of particular artists and styles, but are more often progressive. The initial impact of punk rock in the UK in the 1970s was aided by a network of fanzines and their enthusiastic supporters. In the 1980s the growth of heavy metal was aided by metal fanzines. With the radio giving metal little airplay and the mainstream press hostile to it, metal fanzines became an important part of the record companies' promotion activities. ?? ?? ?? ?? Martine Welby 13JH ...read more.

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