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Explain why you agree or disagree with the sweeping statement 'Every business should be online'. Provide a range of examples analysed to support your case.

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Task 1 Business Online Explain why you agree or disagree with the sweeping statement 'Every business should be online'. Provide a range of examples analysed to support your case. Most companies already have websites, and are taking full advantage of the opportunities that and online presence could give them. Three examples of these companies are: - * Tesco * Barclays * Warner Bro's All three companies mentioned above have got a website that is used regularly by the general pubic every day. Tesco The first of the three I am going to discuss is Tesco. Tesco have become a very large household name over the past 50yrs. When the Internet was introduced to the world Tesco was one of the first supermarkets to put a website up. They put images of products on the website and showed everyone their product range. In doing this, their sales went up and they were, yet again, becoming an even larger company worldwide. Seeing that they were able to expand on the web, Tesco made it possible to apply for a membership card online, which proved to be a great success for them. Tesco saw this as a way to 'get to know' their market and made sure that they provided the products people wanted. Also it gave Tesco the image of good 'Customer Relationships', which was, and still is, a big thing for any major company. As the years went by they brought the idea of online shopping to life. ...read more.


The objectives of having the website are about getting information across to customers that they are unable to access on the T.V. By doing this they have created an awareness of themselves online by having sponsoring other websites. The way they've done this is putting pop-ups on the sites they sponsor and also put the website address at the end of different T.V shows. As shown above, Warner Bro's have got a wide range of options to look at on the website. The main list of options is shown below if you are unable to read: - * Movies * Television * Music * DVD * Games * Kids * Win! There are other smaller options that lead to different areas of the site that are also shown below the main choices. Some are shown as the words of the link, whereas others are shown as pictures, which you are able to click on to go to that particular link. I believe that all of the above companies have taken full advantage of having online presence by making sure that their customers are fully aware that they can easily look at the site. By making their website and having a contact page I feel that all of the businesses have created a strong relationship between themselves and their customers. Many small businesses are not online yet. Most of these are sole traders such as: - * Plumbers * Corner Shops * Pubs But it is also partnerships and some small limited companies as well that do not have online presence. ...read more.


Again pictures of the owners and some of their products. For example: - * The beers that are available in the pub * The different liquors * Food that can be ordered and between the between times This would be a good way to show the customers what they could get if they came to that pub rather than its competitors. All of the above three are usually sole traders and could make a success of a great website if they choose to pay out the money for one to be created or to create one themselves. Conclusions After looking at all the previous sections I believe that it depends on the type of business you are if you want to have a website. If you're a large co-operation then having a website is sort of implied because many people are already aware that the business already exists and will want to find out more in depth information about it. But with a smaller business it really does depend how much you are willing to spend on it. With the three I mentioned previously I think that there is definitely the potential for a website to be designed but then it could cost more than the owner is willing to spend. Overall I believe that a website could benefit any business if they sue the right resources and make sure that customers are aware that it exists and they would use it if it was available. Mike Gurnhill ...read more.

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