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Film review of Amistad “The Friendship”.

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Introduction: This film is basically about the suffering a group of African slaves had to undergo under the control of the white people. This movie is a magnificent based on happening after the Spanish slave ship 'Amistad' reached Connecticut in the year 1839. It stares Matthew McConaughey as the young lawyer Baldwin, Morgan Freeman as Theodore Joadson, Anthony Hopkins as John Quincy and Adams Djimon Hounsou as the slave's leader Cinque. Conditions in Africa: the condition of people in Africa was not pleasant at this time. Hardly anyone in Africa was educated. ...read more.


Since it followed a triangular route, it was also called the slave triangle. La Amistad was one of the memorable mutinies led by African slave leader Cinque. Sources proving the actual case: There were abundant sources in the movie, which proved the actual cause. The scenes in the movie were totally believable. But however, it hurts to think about undergoing such horrible conditions. It is hard to believe the truth that this movie really happened sometime in the past. This movie is very emotional and touches the heart of people who see it. ...read more.


After the slaves are tried free at a district court, they must however go to the Supreme Court where John Quincy Adams represents them. Through his brilliant public speaking, he convinces the Supreme Court to free the slaves, as all individuals are free in the Declaration of Independence. The slaves go free, and choose to go back to Africa, but Cinque finds that his family has been sold into slavery and his town destroyed. "Gives us Free" was the only English phrase they knew. This became their slogan. s The Middle Passage L'Amistad Conclusion: from the above review it seems clear that this movie is not a story but a real happening and hence should be believed. By, Preethi Kumar, Grade9. ...read more.

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