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Film review of - The World is Not Enough.

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The World is Not Enough. The greatest spy the world has ever known returns for yet another adventure. Once again the British secret service has to save the world from certain chaos and destruction and only one man is good enough for the job, that man is 'Bond...James Bond'. We all know the format, but we love it. The title is 'The World is Not Enough', and is the final Bond film of the twentieth century, finishing the millennium with the usual mix of guns, girls and gadgets. The film utilises exotic locations around the world and yet manages to make London look good. The Dome at the time of filming was innovative and hadn't yet been reduced to a joke by the general public. The sets created at Pinewood studios look realistic and threatening and fit in well with the real locations. Green screen scenes have been added to allow extremely daring stunts and inaccessible locations to be featured in the film. The plot is fairly simple and starts with the death of Sir Robert King, the owner of an oil empire. ...read more.


No other film character or secret agent can outclass Bond! Director Michael Apted has created a film that proceeds at a good pace with a strong, straightforward story line, and yet also includes interesting and sometimes stunning locations. It is his first action/adventure film, previously making his name as director of ' Gorillas in the Mist'' a true life, documentary style film. He directs the scenes well and controls them with skill, in turn bringing out the best in Pierce Brosnan, the cool 'shaken, not stirred' Bond and the evil Renard, (Robbie Carlyle). Throughout the film, we are reminded that Brosnan portrays the main character. The words, "My name is Bond...James Bond", is repeated. The high level of acting from Carlyle as the villain forced Brosnan to portray a stronger character. The villain from the outset of the film is dying and this influences the drama of the confrontations between Bond and Renard. From the beginning, the audience knows that the villain will die. Robert Carlyle has a reputation as a comic actor, (The Full Monty), which must have made it difficult for him to portray a ruthless, terminally ill villain and make him believable. ...read more.


At first viewing this is surprising because you expect the pursuer to fall and die on the rocks, accompanied by a large bond-style explosion! As in all other Bond films there are elements of comedy. An example being the scene where the traffic wardens are featured. The director Michael Apted obtained realistic reactions from the wardens by failing to inform the actors portraying them, that they were to be soaked. This scene is very effective as it adds light relief from the intense chase scene. The quest by the director to achieve a successful combination of comedy and action greatly impressed me. Like all the previous Bond films, this will very easily recoup the millions of pounds and dollars invested in the making of this feature film. Money will also be generated from 'product placements'. Multinational companies pay the film companies for their products to be featured as they will be seen world-wide, this is a clever way of advertising. A Bond film is certain to be an economic success. Prepare to enter the fantasy world of Bond...James Bond. Sit back, shake your Vodka Martini, sip and ENJOY! ...read more.

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