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Title: Reckoning Genre: Fantasy (sci-fi) and special effects Certificate: (12) Synopsis The winter of 2007, the Greek Gods have been gone for 1000's of years and finally return to the outer realms of the earth. The earth itself begins to experience a sequence of extraordinary events that make way for the entrance of the gods to the earth. No-one in the 21st century believes in the gods but that doesn't that mean they don't exist? This film follows the character of Mike who is 14. He comes across an old stone that has ancient inscriptions on it. He traces his finger round the shape engraved on the stone. This gives the Greek Gods the opportunity to make their way back on to earth. The gods try their best to make their presence once again felt on the earth and try to regain the power they once had. Will the earth survive? This film explores the issues to do with faith and belief in a contempory setting. Cinematic Techniques The main character is Mike a 14 year old boy who finds his life hard he is beaten on by bullies and never taken seriously by his family he is basically someone who is insignificant to other characters this would be part of ...read more.


He asks his sister for help but she ignores him so he asks her again. She turns around camera cuts to CLOSE-UP of her face and back to LONG-SHOT. JANE: (in an angry tone) what do you want? Your always whining, can you not get on with one thing by yourself? CUT TO; (CLOSE-UP sot of MIKE as his face becomes saddened, he get out of his seat and a the camera ZOOMS to follow him out the door) CUT TO; (LONG-PANNING-SHOT of the garden as MIKE runs down to the bottom and through the trees) CUT TO; (MID-SHOT Eye level, in the kitchen of JANE and her mum looking at each other) GINA: He'll be back; I don't know why you can't just help him! JANE: Well you didn't seem to care! (Camera cuts to a MID to LONG SHOT of JANE and GINA as JANE storms out of sight of the camera, the shot is of GINA standing on her own in the kitchen.) CUT TO; (TRACKING SHOT about half a metre above the ground pointing up slightly of MIKE Running through the trees as they pass rapidly in front of the camera. ...read more.


I thought this was effective as it added contrast and so I decided to use it. The colour filter I think also shows the hostility of the gods as we associate the colour red with danger. I chose to have the generic device of using the symbol or the mysterious object that is seen in films such as "Jumanji" and "Hellraiser" Using this helps the film fit into the genre of suspense and fantasy. I thought that the idea of the object being triggered out of innocence was a good way of also keeping it within the genre. Using the main character as a vulnerable teenager I think was good as it not only widens the audience that may come to see it but it also adds effect to the innocence we see in the scene. I am aware that the story I have chosen has been in a way told before through some of the writings done by H.P Lovecraft and Neil Gaiman I thought I would use the story and put my own spin on it and make it my own by using certain things that I thought would make it different For example the colour filter and lots of Point of view shots make the story a little bit darker and not completely fantasy. ...read more.

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