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Film Trailer Portfolio - Sacrament

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Film Trailer Portfolio Sacrament Part 1 When the task of creating a film trailer was first put to us, I had several ideas for the movie's context. The first was of a movie in the action genre that dealt with revenge, whilst the other two were in the horror genre. The horror genre appealed to me more, as a low budget film can still have the desired effect by use of different filming techniques, and I wanted to depend more on a psychological aspect. My first idea was to do a film about a poltergeist. I had watched several films such as "Poltergeist", but wanted to create a film that relied less on visual effects, something that leant towards the style of Albert Hitchcock, who is still seen today as the "Master of Suspense". This Poltergeist idea did intrigue me, but I could not think of a plot thick enough, or original enough to capture an audience. The remaining idea was more original, and would create the correct feel of the horror genre. ...read more.


Why? The sound was used similarly, from eerily quiet to sudden loudness, one scene that uses this is the sharp cut from the Priest's gentle dream of his mother, to the piercing scream of the little girl. Why The use of restful music as the main soundtrack in "The Exorcist" added to the "loud and quiet" technique Friedkin used, to create the sense that everything is calm. I myself began my trailer using this technique, with some gentle music, so that when things begin to go wrong, the impact is more substantial. The voice that was created for the "demon" in this film was dubbed in synch after the scenes had been shot. I used this technique to dub in the voice of the priest in my trailer, the line "I dare not say" was recorded by microphone input into the computer. This was so the whisper was clearer and could be made more powerful, giving a sense of evil. ...read more.


"I will look for it now". This creates the idea that something is missing, with the swiftness in the second line of speech indicating that this is a critical moment. The trailer footage was recorder on a Panasonic Digital Camera, and was edited using Pinnacle Studio software on a PC. All of the footage was shot without the use of a tripod after several experiments to see what presented the storyline the most effectively. Most notably at the beginning of the trailer, a short zoom shot towards a radio speaker was attempted with a tripod, but the elegant and fixed camera movement lacked the character and ambience that was available when recorded handheld, especially with the emotional sound bite that accompanied the shot. I decided to use two different tints Editing during "I dare not say" I wanted the speed of the trailer to change when I was editing, from calm and mellow camera movement with slow transitions, to brisk and abrupt movement with quick transitions. This was my idea of representing chaos. ...read more.

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