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"Film trailers and film posters are advertised in very different ways, despite both having similar themes and ingredients. Analyse the ways each medium is used and ways say how they communicate to their intended audiences."

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"Film trailers and film posters are advertised in very different ways, despite both having similar themes and ingredients. Analyse the ways each medium is used and ways say how they communicate to their intended audiences." Film posters come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colours. Some have appealing pictures on that target a particular age group, some are for a general audience, but they all use the same things on the poster. Anchorage, Alliteration and Eye catching devices. You can find them at a wide range of places, like at the cinema inside and out, or on big billboards, or even in town. But they all have one target in mind, to make you spend your money to see that movie. I shall be looking at what makes a film poster a good film poster. And then I will give an example of a good film poster with all the things I describe. To begin with I am going to be looking at the general make up and the ingredients of most film posters. Normally on a film poster it has one main picture, of the main actor/actress or a scene from the movie itself, taking up the whole page. ...read more.


The poster I chose is "The Bourne Identity". It has a picture of Matt Damon covering the whole page. Then on top of it they have things written down such as writing and more pictures. The whole poster is blue and the writing is in gold. At top in big lettering it has Rock Solid written so it can be seen. It would make the viewer think it got good reviews by putting the best one in big, bold lettering. Then it has the reviews that go to about a quarter of the way all starting in bold lettering then going small so that it attracts people's eyes. Then it has Matt Damon's name written up above the Title. It has a competition to win a prize. That would also get people's eyes since the prize is to do with Matt Damon. The reason the poster has Matt Damon written on it is because he is a known actor. And people will think this movie will have to be a big success. Then comes the title in big lettering. Then beside it, it has the rating. The rating is twelve A. Underneath are a couple of scenes from the movie. ...read more.


From the very start it has music and a voice over. The voice over is done in a high squeaky voice to make it funnier. Because it is a comedy they have put in the funniest scenes to make people laugh. It goes relatively slow, even though it is rated at a fifteen it is slow so you can take in all the detail of the humour that is all around the set not just what they say. The voice over stops at about a quarter of the way through and the music carries on, but that is in the background because it starts showing funny situations and the cast also says funny things. Then at about three quarters of the way through the voice over starts again. This time he says the release date. But then he stops and so does the music. The unique selling point for the movie is the fact it is a remake of the original Oceons 11. I have just gone over the two main types of advertisement, Posters and Trailers, although they are similar they a different in loads of different ways. They both say things to the target audience through different ways. One uses colour and big writing the other sound. Overall, they are both very effective ways of advertising. Haris Khawaja 1 ...read more.

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