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Final Term Project of Marketing Management.

Extracts from this document...


Iqra University Karachi Campus Final Term Project of Marketing Management New Soap 101 Submitted To Mr. Karim A. Khan Submitted by: TASK TAnia nazir, Serwer sheraz & Kamran Siddiqui strength, performance, agility, dependable, hard work, competitive, winning attitude Iqra University Karachi Campus Final Term Project of Marketing Management New Soap 101 Submitted To Mr. Karim A. Khan Submitted by: TASK TAnia nazir, Serwer sheraz & Kamran Siddiqui strength, performance, agility, dependable, hard work, competitive, winning attitude Acknowledgement: We would like to thank Almighty Allah for enabling us in achieving what ever we have achieved, Mr. Bashir Karim (owner Darbar Soap Pvt. Ltd.), Mr. Jonathan West (Manager R&D Green Cottage Industries Mexico USA), Mr. Karim Akram Khan (Course Facilitator) and countless customers of Soap 101 for giving us the ideas for improving the product. Executive Summery The Darbar Soap Pvt. Ltd. is the pioneer in the laundry soap making industry in Pakistan. Its latest technology and low price have gained it the place of market leader. With the introduction of the detergents in Pakistan the whole industry of laundry detergents have gone down, as well as the competition have evolved as well. The common complain about the soap were bad smell, bad color, bad design, harm to hands, more efforts to clean the cloths. To maintain the market leadership, we have designed the new Soap 101 as the Soap with Low Price, good fragrance, better cleaning capabilities, good design. We predict that this act will gain us at least 10% more market shares and will increase our profitability by 15%. With due period of time we plan to do line expansion and introduce the detergent tablets for washing machines, as well as exports to Mexico, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Bhutan. Table Of Contents 1.0 SOAP MAKING 2 1.0.2 The Soap Making Process 5 2.0 ABOUT DARBAR SOAP PVT. LTD. 9 2.0.1 MISSION STATEMENT 10 3.0 COMPETITION FACED 11 3.0.1 THE MARKET 11 3.0.2 PRODUCT 11 3.0.3 Pricing 11 3.0.4 PROMOTION 12 3.0.5 PACKAGING 12 ...read more.


Basically, the newer methods substituted sodium hydroxide for the lye water made from potash. The result was a hard soap that was easy to store and ship. Soap making moved from the farm to industrial manufacturers who realized huge profits from the recycling of animal fats into commercially viable cakes that were easy to sell. Other Ingredients: As everyone knows, there can be a lot of ingredients in soap: chemical stabilizers, preservatives, fragrances, vitamins, seaweed, corn, oatmeal, pumice, aloe, dyes, milk, fruit or berries, cucumbers or carrots or other vegetables, exotic oils, beeswax, herbs and flowers . . . Each ingredient changes the chemistry of the bar of soap. Let's see how clear I can be. Milk, from goats or other animals, counts towards the acid (and water) component of the soap. Aloe gel counts towards the base component and enhances the disinfecting properties of the soap. Intuitive people as well as those who are cutting edge in new ecological developments must realize that each constituent not only has to go through some process to prepare it for use in the soap but each one changes the pH of the soap-and our environment-because even if run-off today does not start in a temple where animal sacrifices are performed, it starts with animal sacrifice and ends up laced with antibiotics and derivatives of the petrochemical industry that eventually end up in sewage and septic systems. 1.0.3 Commercial Soap Dial is a good example of a commercial soap. It is produced by Armour, but it is a truly distant cousin of Borax, a cleanser that went into production after the discovery of vast deposits of borax in Death Valley during the Gold Rush in 1880. The Armour family went into the soap business eight years later. Then, it produced a scouring pad for aluminum cookware called Brillo (1913). Purex began in a garage in Los Angeles in 1922. ...read more.


101 Darbar 40 Sufi soaps 10 Reshma 222 10 Kohinoor soap 8 Others 32 100% Source: Company Records Darbar Soap channels of marketing Use to be Producer Distributor Wholesaler Retailer Customer Source: Company Records Table-7 101 Darbar soap Areas selected for survey AREAS SAMPLE SIZE Gulshan-E-Iqbal 30 Liaqutabad 75 Garden 30 Lasbela 75 Gotths Near Malir Cantt. 10 Shah Faisal Colony 10 PIB Colony 25 Source: Company Records Table 2-2 101 Darbar soap Leading products & their contribution share Name of products Share % 101 transparent 50% Maya soap 32% Noodles 8% Rest 10% Source: Company Records Table 6 Packaging and Pricing 101 DARBAR SOAPS BRAND OF SOAP WEIGHT PER CAKE CAKES PER CARTON 101 Tranparent 350 Gms 72 Nos 101 Tranparent Family 290 Gms 40 Nos Maya Soap 290 Gms 72/36 Nos Feroza Soap 335 Gms 60 Nos More Soap 300 Gms 40 Nos SUFI SOAPS BRAND OF SOAP WEIGHT PER CAKE CAKES PER CARTON Sufi Soap Special Quality 250 Gms 80 Nos Sufi Soap Daria Awal 250 Gms 80 Nos Sufi Soap Super Transparent 150 Gms 100 Nos Sufi Brown Soap 300 Gms 40 Nos Sufi Soap Vermicelli's 1 Kg 10 Pts AMIN SOAPS BRAND OF SOAP WEIGHT PER CAKE CAKES PER CARTON BABA 350Gms 40Nos PANKHA 350Gms 36Nos RESHMA SUP BROWN 250Gms 36Nos RESHMA GOLD 250Gms 40Nos RESHMA WHITE 225Gms 40Nos Source: Company Records Table 8 101 Darbar soap Survey Result of Darbar Soap Discription Fequency Percentage Product Using for Laundry (Detergent) 59 33.5 Product Using for Laundry (Detergent+Soap) 97 55.1 ProductUsing Before (soap) 120 68.2 Cleaning Power (1st priority) 79 44.8 People Prefrence About 101 Fequency Percentage Price of 101 (Reasonable) 92 52.3 Color (Poor) 70 39.7 Fragrance (Satisfied) 60 34.1 Avaliability (Easyly) 96 54.5 Cleaning Powe (Good) 67 38.1 Shape (Good) 56 31.8 Source: Company Records Annexure B ADVERTISING Animation to be presented on the day of presentation April 20, 2003 Annexure C NEW PRODUCT DESIGNS 36 A Report By: TASK TAni, Sheraz & Kamran strength, performance, agility, dependable, hard work, competitive, winning attitude ...read more.

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