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First 15 minutes of Gladiator.

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First 15 minutes of Gladiator Themes The theme of the movie is introduced right from the beginning when the universal studio logo appears. It is turned into a sepia colour with the music very sad, to separate this movie from any comedy, horror and etc movie. Within the text at the beginning of the movie we as the audience understand that this is a historical movie based on true facts due to the fact that it says true facts about the Roman Empire in the 181AD. The music plays a big role in explaining to us the theme; it is a very sad music, showing sorrow within the film, this gives an idea of a "tragic" movie to the audience. Language The language is expressed in English in both text and in oral in the first fifteen minutes of the movie. At the beginning the title is shown in large old Roman fonts followed by texts explaining the current situation on the roman empire (this is also in Roman font but much smaller) ...read more.


In this scene the music is a reflection o0n the actions in the movie, for example at the beginning the strings only start to play when the name gladiator appears, and another example is that the trumpets and rums get lauder as the camera goes further away from the scene. Target Audience This scene is based on a fighting scene but on the other hand it ahs an emotional touch to it through the music, therefore boys like wars and girls like emotional movies. On the other hand we have strong men fighting which is also in the interest of girls but we have to keep in mind that the language and the scene used is very much complex for a person under the age of 11/12 because not enough background information is there in the child's brain about the Roman Empire. So we get to the point that this movie is set for everybody above the age of about 13/14, it is an interest of everyone, and on the other hand ...read more.


Sound Effect In this scene most things are shown in sound effects, such as the sound of the children playing, to show his devotion to the family, the sound of hissing of the winds hitting our ears showing the coldness and winter, the sound of the horses and the catapults being bulled gives the audience the feeling of an ancient war. Symbolism In this movie symbols were very much involved. Symbols such as robins to show winter, bad people wear black dirty and good people wear bright and clean , a ring is shown to show devotion to family, flowers are always shown to show emotions, in the wars the catapults were shown to show the technology of the roman empire and Comadus is shown with a baby face which symbolizes a child, not an emperor. Many different symbols have been used in this movie to give hints or ideas to the audience on what happens in the movie or what is happening in the movie. ...read more.

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