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For my English course work I was required to re write a newspaper article in the opposite style to the way it was presented in the newspaper it originated from.

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Commentary of English Course Work For my English course work I was required to re write a newspaper article in the opposite style to the way it was presented in the newspaper it originated from. To do so I was going to have to focus my attention upon the headlines, paragraph structure, typographical and graphological features, punctuation, vocabulary, modifiers and the register of the article and transform them accordingly. Before I was able to clarify which newspaper article I was going choose however, I first had to decide which style of writing I felt most comfortable working with. Having studied the features of a broadsheet newspaper prior to beginning this coursework I believed that I could use the skills that I had gathered and apply them to writing my own newspaper article. Consequence to this decision I had to find an article from a tabloid newspaper that I felt capable of transforming. ...read more.


In continuance I used the adjective 'disastrous' to pre-modify the noun 'operation' and as the main purpose of a broadsheet is to inform the reader I can sustain this concept as I highlight immediately the negativity that surrounds this article. To enable a broadsheet paper to inform its audience, its articles usually consist of longer paragraphs so that the facts can be relayed to the reader in a formal manner and also the reader has to concentrate for longer periods of time. By adapting this style myself I was able to expand on certain events in greater detail and therefore present the information as accurately as possible. To compliment the longer paragraphs, longer, more informative sentences have been used. I began my article with a complex sentence, made up of multiple subordinate clauses, and by doing so I was able once again to provide the reader with greater amounts of information regarding the subject in the predicate. ...read more.


The lexis is also a factor that determines the register of an article and it is often the field of an article and how it is presented to the reader that can determine the style of writing that the author of the article has adopted. In this instance the article I have chosen to write focuses upon the consequences of an operation therefore by writing this article with a medical field in mind I can constantly remind the reader and subsequently inform them of the subject matter. By including a series of medical terms in my report I can make the article more formal as I would expect a reader of this broadsheet article to understand the terms I was referring to. Additionally the accuracy of the report I have written is further enhanced as I can use medical terminology to justify my points and back up the facts I am portraying, thus further informing the reader, which is the main aim of my broadsheet article. Nathan Evans 12C Miss Robst ...read more.

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