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For this project I have choose to analyze 'kerrang' magazine this is a magazine, which I am familiar with.

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Media coursework: magazine For this project I have choose to analyze 'kerrang' magazine this is a magazine, which I am familiar with. I choose this magazine as it appeals to me and has bands/ celebrity's which am I interested in. Kerrang is a music magazine which concentrates on the more punk rock genre, its target audience is 13-20 year olds and of mainly a male readers. The circulation figures for the magazine are . 'Kerrang' magazine is on sale once a week and the price is 1 pound 80. If the magazine was on once a month it could have a higher price but as its once a week the price lowers and plus the target audience is of a lower age range so the price is lower. ...read more.


The editorial tone in the magazine is a laidback informal approach uses nicknames of bands assuming you know what you're talking about. For example I have named the band tenacious d "the d". As the target audience of the magazine is teens the text comes across as informal and somewhat Laidback approach. I used a large image In the middle of the of page for my contents page and below it columns with text and page numbers. Using anchorage in the contents page is a common convention used. For example implying that someone has said some would be a way of using anchorage. In my contents page I created I have used a close up image of a band called feeder followed by the contents of the magazine. I used similar headings in my contents page as the page has a regular's features subtitle I simply kept the same headings but changed the story below. ...read more.


I used a number of conventions to create it. I started off by getting the kerrang logo off the website then getting a main image of the band 'tenacious d" I cropped this image and placed it upon the page. Then generated various headlines across the sides. Sampling different types of font styles trying to find the closest to the magazines. Then I placed my secondary image at the top of the right hand corner with a secondary headline below it. The problems with my front cover as the image itself is stretched to reach a4 size therefore losing some of its quality also spelling legends wrong but I could not change it as the file was an image format. I think my front cover and contents page fit the age range required. I think that my that the success of my contents page was good and the format was copied well. Sam Jones 111 ...read more.

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