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Forrest Gump the movie.

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What a long, strange trip it's been" has been used to describe the 1950's through the 1970's, the period of time covered by Forrest Gump. It's an apt description of the movie, as well. Rambling and eccentric, it perhaps tries to cover too much ground. But Hanks' wonderful performance holds everything together and makes it into a rewarding entertainment. Forrest (Hanks) grows up in Alabama with an IQ of 75 (just below normal on the school chart) and a Mama (Sally Field) determined that he not consider himself "stupid." As the 20th century progresses and things get stranger and stranger, Forrest, more or less accidentally, becomes an All-American football player, a infantryman sent to Vietnam, and a world-class ping-pong player. ...read more.


Hanks is a marvelous actor, and it seems he's shown us new ranges of his talent in each new movie lately. Forrest is probably one of his most demanding roles, since he is a comic figure, but we might feel uncomfortable laughing at him. Hanks makes it okay, though, since he makes it clear that Forrest accepts himself completely. He, and we, acknowledge Forrest's limitations, but also admire his strengths. This movie is a must see before you die. I recommend it , if you haven't seen it I suggest you see it now! 'Momma always said life is like a box of chocolates,' says Forrest Gump, sitting at a bus stop bench talking to anyone who'll listen. ...read more.


Subtle but hugely effective special effects place Forrest slap-bang in the middle of real historical footage, enabling us to see him shake hands with JFK, sit alongside John Lennon on a chat show and being recommended a stay in the Watergate Hotel by President Nixon. His ongoing unconditional love for childhood sweetheart Jenny (Robin Wright) provides a constant backdrop to Forrest's thoughts and actions, and is also the source of some overly-sickly melodrama. Hanks, though, is perfect in the role, borrowing a little from his innocence-driven performance in 'Big' and garnering audience affection like it's the oldest trick in the book. There's also a fine supporting cast including an on-form Gary Sinise as the troubled Lieutenant Dan, Mykelti Williamson as the big-gummed shrimp-obsessive Bubba, and Sally Field as Forrest's oft-quoted Momma. This is a must see for everyone a feel good movie; you must see it or you will have misted out. ...read more.

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