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Fox hunting

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Fox hunting Whenever fox hunting is mentioned in public it is one of the rare subjects that most people feel strongly about. With the majority of the public opposed to fox hunting with hounds, it often causes huge disputes and large protests. There have been many different views expressed on the issue over the years, but Parliament is still unable to reach a final decision about whether to abolish fox hunting with hounds, or to allow it to continue with some form of control. One organisation that is pro-fox hunting, called The Countryside Alliance has published a leaflet called, ' foxhunting - the fiction and the facts' which tries to persuade the British public that fox hunting with hounds is an acceptable activity. They begin by saying that most things the public hears about fox hunting are wrong and inaccurate. " Many of them inventions of a small but vociferous professional anti - hunting lobby". They are stating that this small, but vocal group of people are spreading false information to the public. In their next section they list, in bullet points, arguments presented by the anti - fox hunting lobby. ...read more.


" It cannot be shown that foxes control their own numbers". In the leaflet produced by the League Against Cruel Sports, they say the complete opposite and argue that foxes can indeed do control their own numbers. They say that, " only 2.5% of the fox population" is killed due to foxhunting with hounds and that foxes can survive an annual mortality rate of up to 70% and still recover. The League Against Cruel Sports then go on to say that, " it is clear that foxhunts play no significant role in the control of fox populations". This totally contradicts the point made by the Countryside Alliance. The next photograph that is used is one of a fox and a cat together. The caption reads, " fox meets cat in suburbia". This implies that foxes and cats can and do life together in harmony and that foxes are not vicious killers. The second side of the leaflet has the title, " Foxhunting" with a photograph of a traditional English countryside scene just before a hunt with a huntsman with his horse and hounds. It is showing all the good points about foxhunting like the tradition and the beautiful scenery. ...read more.


They say," if foxhunting was to be banned then the owners of the horses wouldn't just abandon their horse over night". This shows that most people go hunting just for the thrill of the ride and only a few actually witness the kill. As the video draws to an end they use more dramatic black and white footage. This time they show scenes of terrier men going out with lurchers and hounds simply to kill foxes. They end this section with a still image of a man holding a squealing fox in the air, smiling as if it is something to be proud of. This symbolises everything evil about foxhunting and shows exactly why it should be banned. At the end of the video they re-play the opinions' of the public, farmers and MP's, each one echoing the last. The interviews are accompanied by the uplifting music, "Jerusalem". This piece of music is very traditional to England and it symbolises all that foxhunting should ever be, a tradition and nothing else. They close the video with another image of a young fox cub running around looking innocent and sweet. The video itself leaves a lasting impact on the viewer, making them see that foxhunting with hounds has no place in the twenty-first century. ...read more.

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