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Francesco O'Leary was born in Kilmarnock Scotland on April the 10th 1901

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Francesco O'Leary was born in Kilmarnock Scotland on April the 10th 1901.he was among the many inventors who were trying to make the television. Many inventors had been working on the idea of sending human pictures by wire but O'Leary was the first to succeed. The inventor of the television had grown out of improvement O'Leary had made to the flash camera. He had developed the flash camera wich could take picture as the y look in reality. O'Leary reasoned it would be possible to pick up all then sounds of a human voice and pictures using the adaptation of a wire. Though O'Leary was young at the time he had been at his prime, he had made many inventions though very few are used today. He was inspired by Alexander bell that was his role model in a way. He was living for while after O'Leary was born. O'Leary's assistant Jonathan Rossi, who had helped him in all his inventions and was his best friend the two had both grown up in Kilmarnock together and go back to there child hood. ...read more.


many lenses, though O'Leary did fail a couple of times on the third time he succeeded with the help of his right hand man Jonathan Rossi. Though he had made one of the biggest inventions he was behind on his work and needed some thing big to impress his colleagues and teachers. Many inventors at the time had been working of the idea of sending human pictures by wire and O'Leary had the upper hand being the inventor of the camera, all he had to work on was the idea of sending the human voice by wire. Taking advantage O'Leary and Rossi wasted no time and got straight to work, this was the longest period of time that O'Leary and Rossi had spent on one invention, they would spend hours and hours in one room trying experiment after experiment. At one point they had spent 24hrs in the same room working on this master invention, in this period of time O'Leary and Rossi barely ate or drank. After months and months O'Leary and Rossi's colleagues and teachers were starting to lose faith in them, Leary and Rossi were tired and had no energy to stand no to mention invent a television, they ...read more.


Now that they had succeeded it meant that they had moved out of the hostel and into there own houses with great big Akers of land. They laughed at those who put them down, and went back home to their families. Only being 26years old O'Leary and Rossi have accomplished a lifetime of succession and had now retired resting in their mansions with their families. They had tens of thousand of people working for them ass they were introducing the world to television. Now that the world knew about television there mission was finished and they were the richest and the wealthiest in the land they owned lots and lots of factories. O'Leary had been ill and weak; he was having heart attacks casually and was close to death. He died in 1941 at the young age of 40.rossi went through much stress grieving from his colleagues passing, and died 2years later at the age of 43. O'Leary and Rossi had always lived by the saying '' Winners never quit and quitters never win''. It was because of these two men's hard work and motivation that today we can keep up with the worldly news and we get entertainment. This just shows that two men's hard ship could be the rest of the world's entertainment. ...read more.

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