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Francisco De Goya (1746 – 1828) biography.

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A legendary act, MAYHEM need little introduction. There can only be one true original. Getting their start in 1984, Norway's MAYHEM is single-handedly responsible for creating and fostering the global Black Metal scene. MAYHEM's origins date back to the early part of the last decade in Norway, 1984. This was the classic era of Black Metal. Bands like Venom, Bathory and Hellhammer were on a crusade to desecrate the remnants of Christianity as well as the so-called musical extremes; MAYHEM joined this crusade. Two years later, in 1986, they released the "Pure Fucking Armageddon" demo, instantly joining the ranks of their forefathers, and unleashing a brutality yet unheard to the underground. A year later they would follow up with their second demo "Deathcrush", this demo was later rereleased as a 1000 limited edition MLP ...read more.


While the bands of long ago sang about the destruction of the Judeo-Christian complacency, Euronymous masterminded actual militant actions. All the while, the next MAYHEM record lay waiting in the wings. The second coming of MAYHEM would make it official, the dawn of the new Black Metal age was over, for now it was time to feel the scorching heat of the noon sun. The sheer number of bootlegs released in tribute to this act, testify for their cult following. Then "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas" album is a Black Metal excellent masterpiece, a definate highlight in ALL metal. MAYHEM Bursting out through the funeral fog, illuminated by the candescent freezing moon above, vengeance cries out from the grave. ...read more.


Several days later, his body was found and The Count was arrested and charged with this murder. "I AM IMMORTAL...!" is like a chilling reminder on the track "Life Eternal" that this would be Euronymous' final unholy testament, but reminding that he will always be. "Whatever your viewpoint, Euronymous certainly lived his life in accordance to his beliefs. His death was harsh and brutal, which reflects perfectly on his life. Euronymous will be missed by some, but remembered by all. May his black soul burn forever in the fiery abyss," respectfully said Lee Barret in an obituary printed in Kerrang! magazine shortly after Euronymous' death. Previously there existed a balance, a line. Euronymous and his Inner Circle have crossed the line and destroyed the balance, in effect creating a new equilibrium. A place where they engulf their surroundings in undiminished, diabolical MAYHEM. ...read more.

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